Hey Gov. Baker, Explanation Needed

Howie Carr’s latest column made a spectacular claim that Charlie Baker attended two separate Democratic fundraisers.

It’s GOP Gov. Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker, in Westport Monday night, at a Democrat fundraiser, addressing a crowd of his fellow Beacon Hill hacks.

Standing behind him is Senate President Stanley Rosenberg.

Tall Deval had just vetoed the bill that increases the pay of Rosenberg, a career hack, from $97,500 to $142,500, as “irresponsible.”

After which, Tall Deval was driven down to Westport to party with his alleged foe at a $100-a-head time for Sen. Mike Rodrigues, the guy in the middle between Rosenberg and Tall Deval.

My first inclination was to believe that there must be some confusion here. Surely this was a bipartisan event to support widows and orphans, or something similar. Carr must have got it wrong. After some googling I discovered that the Taunton Gazette corroborated part of it.

After attending a recent fundraiser for state Rep. Michael Rodrigues, he praised the Westport democrat as “a bi-partisan guy.”

The particulars of the first fundraiser are still a mystery. Anyone know what is going on? Ideally one of the governor’s people should chime in and give us the official story.

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