Nice Perks

Once again we see a double standard with how movements on the right are treated versus movements on the left. We’ve had annual Tax Day Tea Party protests on the Common. We’ve held a state convention in Boston. We even had an enormous immigration protest on Boston Common (largely ignore by the media).

The so called Women’s March gets some pretty sweet perks.

Better MBTA service.

MassDOT says the T will provide more frequent service on subway lines and more coaches on commuter lines tomorrow to get people to and from the Women’s March for America, which starts from the Common at 11 a.m.

Free fares.

As the march wound down, the T ran shuttle buses to supplement Green Line service to Riverside. And managers opened up the fare gates at Park Street to avoid a potentially dangerous bottleneck…

No one should buy into the excuses. Those at the MBTA did this to do their part.

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