Around New England, Critical MA, and a Hangout Test

Around New EnglandMany of you already read the New Boston Post (NBP for short), but if you don’t you really should. The NBP site recently rolled out a number of new features. One feature I’d like to single out is a section of news from around New England that pertains to our interests. I’ve been keeping tabs on it for the past week and have come across many interesting news items I would otherwise have been unaware of.

The NBP has had some great writing lately, but I want to single out Evan Lips in particular. He’s been writing really great stuff on Trump, the Mass GOP, AG Healey, and a whole bunch of other things. Here’s a brief selection:

We here at RMG have recently added a new feature as well. If you look at the very top there is a Reddit icon next to the usual RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube icons. This links to sister site Critical MA that acts in a similar fashion to the NBP’s Around New England.

The site is updated every morning with Massachusetts political news that pertains to this thing of ours. There is also a Critical MA Twitter account that posts to #mapoli throughout the day.

Lastly, the Google Hangout that was postponed due to technical difficulties is tentatively scheduled for the same time this Sunday with the same topic. Before I schedule it I need to do a test. The test will take place Tuesday at 8:30pm. There is no topic, feel free to join in and talk about whatever you like. Below are the relevant links for the test.

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