The Plastic Bag Ban Challenge

Boston appears to be on the cusp of banning plastic bags. The smug liberals are out in force wagging their fingers at the environmentally inconsiderate proles who just don’t understand the benefits of banning plastic bags.

There used be this popular thing called the Food Stamp Challenge. The idea was to put a person in shoes of someone on food stamps. This would build empathy. The challenge was overly involved and in many cases didn’t build any empathy because people were unable to find much of a challenge.

A thought occurred to me. What if there were a simpler challenge so the bag banners could discover the stupidity of their idea? It really would take very little time and effort.

  1. Pick a rainy or wet snowy day.
  2. Do not “plan ahead” by prepping a bag full of bags that you carry around.
  3. Exclusively walk and/or take a bus to your preferred supermarket.
  4. Buy items as you would normally.
  5. Request paper bags. This is key.
  6. Make the return trip following the same rules from step 3.

Anyone participating in this challenge would quickly discover that a plastic bag ban is all wet. There may be benefits to a ban, but other things fall apart under scrutiny.

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