Sanctuary City Hardest Hit by Budget Cuts

It was disappointing to most when Charlie Baker came out in tacit support of sanctuary cities with his hands off policy.

“I’ve said all along I think decisions about how communities want to manage public safety and community issues belong to them,” Baker said Wednesday morning. “It’s incumbent on our administration and congressional delegation to work hard to make sure that our state receives the federal support we’ve previously been able to secure.”

That hasn’t prevented other Republicans in the state from voicing their concerns. Jimmy Davidson of Somerville took part in the Boston Globe’s series The Argument to defend the No position about whether his city of Somerville should remain a sanctuary city. Republican State Committeewoman 

Combined these seven Sanctuary cites receive $702,897,638.00 annually in state aid from the Commonwealth. This is per FY2016 figures at www.MASS.GOV Section 3. This figure does not include federal funding nor the cost of state funded entitlement programs.

Massachusetts also continues to allow illegal aliens to receive state funded Massachusetts benefits and entitlements such as EBT cards, Mass Health, and in-state college tuition. These are programs funded by your state tax dollars to the detriment of legal residents needing public assistance who are unable to obtain it.

With the grousing over the recent budget cuts, it was surprising to learn that Lawrence was hardest hit.

LAWRENCE – Gov. Charlie Baker announced statewide budget cuts of $98 million Tuesday, including $1.44 million intended for Lawrence, more than half of which was targeted to put more police officers on the street.

Inadvertent or not on the governor’s part, it is to be applauded. Lawrence is particularly awful, having only a number of years back been caught with illegal immigrants on the voting rolls. Mayor Rivera of Lawrence was on On The Record a few weeks ago bragging that he would stand against Trump to protect the 7000 undocumented immigrants (his number) in his city of 77,000.* If Gov. Baker wants to say one thing publicly, but do another thing in a surreptitious fashion, that’s fine by me. Whatever gets the job done.

*This is from memory. OTR has been lax about putting the recent show archives online.

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