Nativity Scene Request Finally Approved

It began back in November: Rep. Jim Lyons (who has lead the charge against the Bathroom Law, and countless other left-wing proposals), filed a request with the Speaker’s office to have a Celebration of Christmas on Beacon Hill, with a Nativity Scene.

Tyrone Lawless, the Speakers’ staffer in charge of building use requests, told Rep. Lyons that he’d had these requests over the years, but “religious events are not allowed.” Mr. Lawless was reminded that there’s a very public Menorah lighting that occurs at the State House every year, and told Rep. Lyons he would need to check with the Speaker. Rep. Lyons submitted an official, written request, well within the required time period, and Mr. Lawless again said he’d need to confer with the Speaker. Over two weeks went by.

It was only when receiving a letter from the Thomas More Law Society and local attorney Bob Joyce of the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund reminding them of their 1st Amendment obligations and stating the possibility of litigation that the Speaker’s office granted Rep. Lyons request last night.

As such, we cordially invite you to:

A Celebration of Christmas on Beacon Hill
Thursday, December 22th
12:00 to 4:00 pm
Great Hall, State House, Boston, MA
RSVP: Robert Aufiero –

We hope to see you there to celebrate Christmas, Rep. Lyons, and the good work done in defense of our religious liberty.

Thanks and God bless!

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