2017 Predictions

​Maura Healey will decide against running for governor.

Baker will unequivocally raise taxes and reiterate that he never signed a tax pledge.

The Boy Scouts will cave on transgender stuff. This will be followed by a decline in membership.

Trail Life will see an increase in membership.

Twitter is done. Stick a fork in it.

There will be a poll done on the Bathroom Bill repeal. 42% for repeal, 48% against.

Pot use will increase.

The term alt-right will fall out of favor by those who use it to identify themselves. The new term these folks will use to describe themselves is neo-reactionary.

Trump will place someone on the Supreme Court. The massive protests, they do nothing.

Ginsberg will retire.

Work will begin on the wall.

The comic book movie craze will end. Logan and Guardian’s of the Galaxy will do well. All other Marvel movies will fail at the box office. DC movies will continue to fail.

The new Star Trek series will be awful.

Blue Mass Group will not fix their technical difficulties. Sad!

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