Reviewing My Prediction(s) for 2016

Happened across a post I had completely forgotten about in which I intended to make a series of predictions, but wimped out. There was only one prediction followed by a series of questions. Even still, I asked some killer questions.

Trump will win the Republican nomination.

That’s my only prediction which leaves lots of other unanswered questions…

Nailed it.

Who will win the presidency?


Will the GOP retain Leah Cole’s seat?


Hedlund’s? Brock Holt?

Yes. Not Brock Holt.

Will the Mass GOP engage in more costly shenanigans?

The DCR scandal counts, right? It all started with a Mass GOP party.

Will Baker successfully purge the Mass GOP of conservatives?


Will this usher in an era of sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows (as supporters of this effort seem to think)?


Will Old Man Winter crush the MBTA once again?


Will you read Ed Lyons’ 5000 word essay on Charlie Baker?

No. I tapped out after 793 words.

Will the New Boston Post survive?

Yes. It seems to have really hit a stride in 2016.

Will cuckservative overtake RINO as the preeminent insult in Republican politics?

Dunno. Has it?

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