Boston Globe Caught Priming the Pump

It’s been my understanding that the Boston Globe hates links. I’ve noticed this on numerous occasions where one would think it would make sense to link to the organization or website being mentioned in the article. Take coverage of the annual March for Life on Boston Common for instance. Notice the lack of link love for MCFL.

Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon are coming to Harvard? Protests planned? Roll out the link love!

A Facebook page called “Protest Stephen Bannon & Trump Advisors at Harvard” is calling on students to come together for a “peaceful” gathering to decry the school’s decision to invite Bannon.

Notice the direct link to the Facebook event page of the protest. It is entirely possible the Boston Globe has done this for our events and I just missed it. Can anyone recall such a thing happening? Specifically publicizing and directly linking to one of our events prior to it occurring?

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