MARA Praises Governor Baker for accepting Matthew Sisk’s DCR Resignation as a Vital First Step in Restoring the Republican Brand

We’ve received a press release from the Massachusetts Republican Assembly:


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Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) Praises Governor Baker for accepting Matthew Sisk’s DCR Resignation as a Vital First Step in Restoring the Republican Brand

A step in the right direction for the Republican Party, but more is needed.

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On October 3rd Governor Baker spoke regarding former DCR Deputy Commissioner’s resignation from the post. “I’ve known Matt Sisk a long time and was appalled by what he did. I certainly don’t think you’ll see anybody doing anything like that again.”

That statement was in regard to the September 30th announcement that Matthew Sisk resigned his position as Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). From a StateHouse News article at the time:

“Sisk’s resignation comes while an internal investigation into claims of political retribution within EEA stretches into its third week, focusing on a claim that EEA personnel official Jared Valanzola suggested that EEA staffer Cynthia Lewis should end her engagement to a Democrat who is challenging Republican Sen. Donald Humason this November, and that Lewis was later transferred from Boston to Fall River.

Earlier this week, a DCR employee sent a midnight tweet from the agency’s official account endorsing the November ballot question to expand access to charter schools, an apparent use of state resources for political purposes.”

Upon further revelations, Mr. Sisk had also misused sirens and flashing lights to clear his way through heavy traffic. Stories commenting on the matter tie this misuse with other scandals rocking DCR. The net effect of these scandals informed Governor Baker’s statement.

“I am glad Mr. Sisk has taken this vital first step, and I applaud the Governor for making his statement with the proper weight. Unfortunately, a lot of damage has been done to the Republican brand. This kind of damage is exactly what MARA warned about earlier this year when we contested our candidates against Governor Baker’s endorsements. It’s a double whammy for our Party. State employees can’t raise money for the party and any actions they take which are unethical in their public role expose the Republican Party as a whole to needless political damage. It is tragic that this has happened.” Brian Kennedy, National Director of MARA said.

“The Democrats are now referring to DCR as the ‘Department of Crafty Republicans’ for goodness sake. Why did it have to get that bad?” Kennedy asked.

Jay Cincotti, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party had first used the moniker on Sept. 29th after a tweet was accidentally sent out from @MassDCR instead of an employee’s personal account.

“It could even have been worse. Peter Lorenz is the spokesperson for DCR addressing these issues, and he was one of Baker’s endorsed candidates who was unsuccessful. Can you imagine how compromised he would be if he were on the State Committee as well?” Mary Lou Daxland, President of MARA stated.

“Regardless, Governor Baker made the right call and struck the right tone. It’s now on Mr. Sisk to complete the process of showing the Republican Party does not condone this behavior, and resign from the State Committee as well. If his behavior was too appalling to remain a public servant, it is too appalling to remain an elected face of the party.”

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly has made available No Confidence Resolutions for Republican Ward and Town Committees regarding Mr. Sisk on their website at

“When the Governor of the Commonwealth’s endorsement mailers include the words ‘End the Democrat Culture of Corruption on Beacon Hill,” and those endorsees act in a public capacity that the Governor declares “appalling,” it behooves those endorsed candidates to exemplify that standard. Sisk must go, for everyone’s sake.” Daxland finished.

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Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.