MARA Board of Directors Endorses Donald J. Trump for President – outlines Obama/Clinton corruption and the need to end it.

A Press Release from the Massachusetts Republican Assembly:


Massachusetts Republican Assembly Board of Directors Endorses Donald J. Trump for President – outlines Obama/Clinton corruption and the need to end it.

This is our generation’s time for choosing. We must save the Republic.

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The last hours of the 2016 Presidential campaign draw near, and our country faces a stark choice – do we keep our Republic or do we empower corruption on a scale unseen in living memory.

As President Obama’s final term draws to a close, he insists that Hillary Clinton’s election is required to pass on his “legacy.” Here is that legacy:

Shortly after President Obama’s election in 2008, a case of voter intimidation at the polls – where New Black Panther Party members intimidated voters outside a Philadelphia polling place with nightsticks – was referred to the Obama Justice Department and then Attorney General Eric Holder. The case was subsequently dropped, and the principal figures seeking the prosecution resigned from the department in protest. Project Veritas and Wikileaks have since provided further evidence that voter fraud and voter intimidation are standard tactics for Democratic presidential campaigns.

The Internal Revenue Service has been turned into a weapon against non-profit groups that do not share the President’s politics. Not a single person was punished for this abuse, and then director Lois Lerner “Plead the Fifth” during her testimony.

The State Department, with full approval of President Obama himself given he used it to correspond with Secretary Clinton, allowed our Secretary of State to run a private server for all official government correspondence, rendering the entirety of Hillary Clinton’s tenure immune to Freedom of Information Act Requests.  The server itself had security completely inferior to the standards of all other State Department personnel, and classified documents were routinely transmitted over it. When this came to light, Hillary Clinton’s immediate response was to destroy all correspondence on the server and allow only selective printings to be rendered back to the State Department.

Any military service member or civil service personnel which misplaced and /or destroyed classified documents and obstructed public accountability on the scale of Hillary Clinton would be rotting in federal prison for the rest of his or her life. Hillary Clinton was apparently immune to such prosecution – which is routine within the federal government – because even our FBI has been compromised.  The FBI has taken the unprecedented steps of granting many of her aids immunity and then actively destroying their devices after testimony. None of these actions are considered standard practice.

In short, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have presided over a lawless, unaccountable criminal enterprise and the only way to hold them responsible is for the people to actively support the only viable remaining choice for President, Donald J. Trump.

This is OUR time for choosing whether we keep the Republic or sell it to the highest bidder in the Clinton Foundation. Donald Trump is not the second coming of Ronald Reagan in either temperament, background, or resume. That being said The Massachusetts Republican Assembly Board of Directors point out to our fellow conservatives and advocates for limited government the following:

At the convention where Donald Trump received our Party’s nomination, the Republican Platform became even stronger on core Republican values.

Donald Trump has selected Mike Pence as his running mate, an evangelical Christian who has taken strong stances on defending human life and natural marriage against the impulses of radical judicial activists. The ticket opposes any taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood or other organizations that provide abortions. Trump has been endorsed by Cincinnati Right to Life.

Donald Trump has issued a list of strong originalist judges to nominate for the Supreme Court, and has pledged to pick exclusively from that list if elected President.

Donald Trump has forcefully raised the issue of illegal immigration and its devastating effects on the families of every day Americans, including the invitation of Angel Moms to share a stage with him and put a human face on the harms suffered by people like Kate Steinle and Matthew Denice.  Trump also has the endorsement of National Border Patrol Council (representing 16,500+ border agents) and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Donald Trump strongly supports the right to keep and bear arms, and has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. By contrast Hillary Clinton has vowed to undermine or circumvent D.C. vs Heller and pledges gun control were be her priority on “day one.”

Donald Trump has pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare. This failed program has inflicted skyrocketing premium costs and deductibles on the American people. Having a Blue Cross, Harvard Pilgrim, or MassHealth logo eat up wallet space is not worth breaking the finances of working families. Donald Trump will end this program and replace it with an alternative that allows more competition across state lines and removes the burden on America’s poorest families to either purchase comprehensive health insurance or pay an ever increasing fine. Our poorest families cannot afford either, but that is the mandate of the law that bears President Obama’s name.

Given Donald Trump is not a career politician and does not have a historical record of votes or policies, our endorsement relies on his pledges, promises, and selection of the people that surround him. Donald Trump has made choices consistent with MARA’s principles on each of these matters.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to keep our Constitutional Republic. A vote that in any way enables the election of Hillary Clinton is a vote to slip into a Banana Republic that rewards rampant voter fraud, a corrupt tax collector, a politically-slanted prosecution arm, critically compromised national security, and ever shrinking individual rights and liberties. For these reasons the Massachusetts Republican Assembly Board of Directors has voted to endorse Donald J. Trump for President and urges all voters of good conscience to actively vote for him on November 8th.

About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.