Upon New Revelations, MARA Renews Call to Remove DCR Chiefs, Calls on Local Republican Committees to Act

We’ve received a Press Release from the Massachusetts Republican Assembly (Downloads Available):

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Upon New Revelations, Massachusetts Republican Assembly Renews Call to Remove DCR Chiefs, Calls on Local Republican Committees to Act

Sisk and Roy can’t (golf) cart themselves around on the taxpayer’s dime.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland – mldax@aol.com

At the much-discussed July 3rd bash at Republican National Committeeman’s Beacon Street Home, it has been noted that Roy and Sisk used golf carts to shuttle guests to and from the Esplanade from Kaufman’s home.  New problems have come to light since that revelation: Utilizing public resources not available to the general public for an event is considered unethical. Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) are also very strict on how golf carts can be used.

According to MGL Chapter 90: “A motor vehicle designed for the carrying of golf clubs and not more than four persons may be operated without such registration upon any way if such motor vehicle is being used solely for the purpose of going from one part of the property of a golf course to another part of the property of said golf course, provided that the owner of such motor vehicle shall have filed with the registrar a public liability policy or bond providing for the payment of damages to any person to the amount provided by section thirty-four A due to injuries sustained as a result of the operation of such vehicle.”

“We can’t let Sisk and Roy take the taxpayers for a ride,” Massachusetts Republican Assembly President Mary Lou Daxland said, “The entire area around the Esplanade was closed off for the Pops rehearsal, but somehow Sisk and Roy got approval to use DCR equipment as a livery for a private party. What would have happened if an accident occurred? Were these the only golf carts in the Commonwealth registered to drive on public roads?” Daxland asked.

“The law is very clear on this. There needs to be some accountability for Mr. Sisk and Mr. Roy.,” Massachusetts Republican Assembly National Director Brian Kennedy stated. “For Mr. Roy that matter is best handled by the Governor himself, but as for Mr. Sisk it is clear he cannot be allowed to tarnish the Republican brand name with so much riding on November’s Elections.”

“Therefore, the Massachusetts Republican Assembly has made available a resolution calling for a vote of no confidence in Mr. Sisk, made available for distribution on The Assembly’s website and other avenues. The resolution calls on the various Ward and City Town Committees to make known their disapproval of Mr. Sisk’s actions, and that as a publicly elected face of the party who has received the Governor’s endorsement for State Committee, that in failing that standard of ethics touted in the Governor’s endorsement that he should resign forthwith.” Kennedy finished.

The Resolutions (One for Republican Town/City Committees, One for Republican Ward Committees) are available at Mass-RA.com/Sisk-Resolution, RedMassGroup.com and BostonBroadside.com

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No Confidence Resolution for City / Town Committees:


No Confidence Resolution for Ward Committees within Cities:



About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party’s bench.

He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.

  • Ted Dooley

    Brian, I notice that you and Mary Lou Daxland make several references to state law, and the need for consequences for those that break it.

    General Laws Chapter 56, Section 40 (“Violations of Elections Laws;Using Names of Political Parties;Restrictions”) states that:

    “No organization consisting of two or more persons… and having as a part of its name the name of a political party, as defined by law, shall … in any … publication use in its organization name the name of such a political party, except with the written consent of the duly elected state committee representing such political party. Any member of an organization subject to this section who participates in a violation of any provision of said section shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than six months or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or both.”

    Chapter 52, Section 10 (“Political Committees;Rules and Regulations”) then states:

    “A state … committee may make rules and regulations consistent with law, for its proceedings”

    One such rule would be the requirement that organizations like MARA submit an annual permit application to the Republican State Committee in order to use the word “Republican” in its name.

    My question is this: has the Massachusetts Republican Assembly (which apparently has at least two members – yourself and Mary Lou), received permission from the Massachusetts Republican Party to use the word “Republican” in its name? As the former head of a permitted organization, I know for a fact that the MACR and MFYR’s apply for and receive permission every year.

    If MARA is not permitted, do you believe that it’s members, including yourself and Mary Lou Daxland, should face the consequences specified under state law, namely imprisonment for up to six months and a fine of up to $1,000?

    • The response to this will be epic. I’m looking forward to it as much as the presidential debate.

    • Brian Kennedy

      The Assembly applies and receives permission every year to date, just as MACR and MFYR do. Rather than answer your hypothetical, why not first tell me if you believe Sisk should be held accountable for his actual behaviors.

      Also, Since you brought it up, the recent history surrounding this matter within the party is more important, Massachusetts being one of the only 3 states with such a law on the books. The law itself is arguably unconstitutional as a private organization can’t “own” a word, but no one’s decided to test that yet.

      It is also the case the permitting process has been weaponized, and is the reason The Massachusetts Federation of Republican Women, after 80 years of loyal service to the Republican Party was forced to shut down when the GOP made compliance with its whims require the violation of the MFRW’s National Bylaws. Part of that process involved the GOP making members of the MFRW aware of this law and its punishments.

      MARA, like the MFRW, is a State Chapter of a Nationally Chartered Organization (The National Federation of Republican Assemblies, in our case). It is asinine that the MassGOP would effectively destroy the MFRW when its parent organization is nationally chartered, but just like with the Fisher lawsuit was generated because at the convention Matt Sisk chaired they counted blanks against their own convention rules, the MassGOP seems to find good judgement and basic ethics alien to the way they operate.

      Maybe they should cut ties with Sisk. His antics and “leadership” seem to cause recurring problems for them. Anyway, to repeat myself: Before I answer you about hypothetical issues, why not tell me if you think Sisk ought to face consequences for his known actions? Taxypayers do pay the man a hefty six-figure sum to be an assistant bigshot, after all.

      • Ted Dooley

        Yes I do – and I leave that up to the proper channels to determine that.

        Thank you for pointing out that information, but it seems filled to incorrect statements (first, NFRW wasn’t founded until 1938 and MFRW 1940 according to their own websites, so i’m unsure of how you came up with that math).

        • admin

          Mr. Dooley – Claiming that somebody is in violation of state law and is a member of an illegal organization are strong words indeed. That does not mean they are not true, however accusations of that magnitude do require substantiation, for your protection as well as the accused. As you can imagine, RMG tries as best we can not to allow slander of private citizens. I let the comment post, but will have to take it down unless you can substantiate your claim. You seem to have better inroads into the MA GOP than some of us on the State Committee, so I would ask you post a copy of an email from Executive Director Brian Wynne to the MARA Board, or some other hard evidence. Last I spoke to MARA President Mary Lou Daxland, the MARA application was pending, or on hold. None of the 25 or so MARA members on the State Committee has ever been informed that I know of that MARA has been officially told to stop using the Republican name. Again, if you can substantiate you accusation the post will remain.

          S. Aylward

        • admin

          As Mr. Dooley. when provided with the opportunity to do so was unable to provide any documentation to support his accusations against Mr. Kennedy, I deem it best to remove his accusations from his comment. However, should Mr. Dooley be able to substantiate his claims, we will certainly post his comments.

          S. Aylward, Editor

          • Ted Dooley

            On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 12:49 PM, Edward Dooley wrote:
            Thanks for the information, Brian!

            On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 12:35 PM, Brian Wynne wrote:
            Hi Teddy,

            Neither the Lower Cape Republican PAC nor MARA holds a MassGOP permit to use the word “Republican” in their organization name. The only organizations that currently hold MassGOP permits are MACRs, MFYRs, and Log Cabin Republicans.

            I informed the Chairs of LCRPAC and MARA in February that their organization had received temporary permits that would expire on March 25 without receipt of a complete application, per the instructions of the MassGOP Executive Committee.

            The Lower Cape Republicans decided to dissolve their PAC, as it hadn’t been used in a number of years and could not support candidates as effectively as the Lower Cape RTCs due to campaign finance regulations.

            In the case of MARA, I worked with their Chair and Secretary (a former and current SC member, respectively) and attempted to receive the required information through the annual permitting process in December and January. The Chair of MARA indicated at that time that MARA would not be providing the required information. After the temporary permit was issued by the Executive Committee in January, I worked with the MassGOP National Committeewoman to attempt to reach a resolution where MARA submitted the required information before the March 25th deadline. My understanding from the National Committeewoman was that MARA intended to change its name instead of submitting a permit application. Besides the bylaws amendment that was referenced on RMG, there has been no additional activity on this issue since that time.

            I hope that answers your and Steve’s questions.


            Brian Wynne
            Executive Director
            Massachusetts Republican Party
            o: (617) 523-5005
            e: bw@massgop.com

            On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 11:48 AM, Edward Dooley wrote:
            Also, just to follow up, Steve Aylward directly asked me to ask you for this information (see this post on RMG: http://redmassgroup.com/2016/09/upon-new-revelations-massachusetts-republican-assembly-renews-call-to-remove-dcr-chiefs-calls-on-local-republican-committees-to-act/)

            On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 11:46 AM, Edward Dooley wrote:
            Hey Brian,

            I have a question about which organizations are chartered and permitted by the Massachusetts Republican State Committee. I believe that two organizations, the Massachusetts Republican Assembly and the Lower Cape Republicans, were given temporary permits back in January that expired in March. Did those organizations submit the necessary information to receive a full annual permit from the MassGOP? If so, when was it issued and by whom?


            Edward J. Dooley
            Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

          • Ted Dooley

            As I have fulfilled your request of posting specific hard evidence, please restore the latter half of my comment as we now have metric proof that this group is not operating with a charter, and violating MGL.

          • admin

            I disagree with your contention the your proof is iron clad. The officers of MARA are claiming that there is no documented proof that they were ever informed. Is there a certified mail return receipt, or an email from Wynne to MARA officers? The solution is easy – provide documentation. If it is not documented it did not happen, as the old expression goes. I want to be fair to you, but a cut and paste from Wynne is not documentation. That is simply his side of the story.

            S. Aylward, Ed.

  • Brian, I’m not sure if Ted Dooley is aware of this, but you might want to remind him that his State Committee Man had proposed amending the MassGOP by-laws to reform the chartering of permitted organizations earlier this year, in order to empower the grassroots.

    • Ted Dooley

      Yes, I have read the amendment and do not support it for a litany of reasons, primarily that the RNC has no recognition process for the NFRW, CRNC, YRNF, NRA since McCain Feingold passed in 2002, so even if it passed the MassGOP it would have 0 effect since the RNC only officially recognizes state parties.

  • Ted Dooley


    is your contention that MARA hasn’t been given notice that they don’t have written permission to use the word Republican, and therefore that they do have written permission? That seems asinine. Are you saying that MARA is only required to follow state law when they are told by the MassGOP that they have to follow state law? I’ll return to my contention to Brian… how is that better than being an illegal immigrant? You’re basically saying that someone can operate with impunity until they aren’t given permission anymore.

    As for whether or not MARA holds a permit… are you not a member of the Republican State Committee? Did you ever vote to give MARA an annual permit? If so, when was it? Because if you never voted to do so, would that not imply that MARA was never given written permission to use the word Republican?

    • admin

      No. We never got to vote on it. Nor on the National Federation of Republican Women permit. That is handled exclusively by the Executive Committee, and as far as I know that vote was never passed down to us who do not sit on the committee.

      Mr. Dooley – my contention is this. You are out on my blog claiming that a private citizen is a criminal. It is only prudent that if I am asked to allow your claim, then you – the accuser – must meet the threshold that I set. That is my policy, I stand by it. You can ask Mr. Wynne to send documentation directly to me and I will accept it to support your accusation if I find it in good order. On a personal note I must say that I find it sad that, under our popular Governor who rightfully so consistently talks about the need for collaboration, MA Republican leadership cannot find a way to work with some of our most active grassroots organization and find a way to reach a agreement where both parties are satisfied.

      • Ted Dooley

        Steve, the full State Committee must vote on accepting the charters/permit after the Executive Committee votes on all of them. My point is valid- unless you have voted on extending charters to organizations other than LCR/MFYR/MACR, then whichever organizations do not have said charters. As noted above, the temporary charters expired in March.

        On an aside, I know first hand about working to get these charters – I spent months working with former ED. Cunningham to get the MACR charter in 2013. I find it hard to believe that the most basic of information that the bylaws state need to be met to be issued a charter (and i emphasize basic information) cannot be met by other organizations, as LCR/MFYR/MACR was able to.

        • admin

          Thank you Ted. But again, either provide hard evidence that MARA was informed to discontinue using the name ‘Republican’ in writing or you do not get to call a private citizen a criminal.