MARA Admonishes Committeewoman Orrall to Return to Her Roots, Demand Sisk’s Resignation from posts for Misuse of State Resources.

We have received a Press Release from the Massachusetts Republican Assembly:

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Massachusetts Republican Assembly Admonishes Committeewoman Orrall to Return to Her Roots, Demand Sisk’s Resignation from posts for Misuse of State Resources.

Attendance of GOP Bigwigs at July 3rd bash harms party image if not addressed.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland –

At a July 3rd private party at the home of GOP National Committeeman Ron Kaufman, Leo Roy and Matthew Sisk who serve as the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) misused state resources to send invitations and escort attendees to and from the Esplanade in golf carts.

Orrall has stated she was in attendance at the party held at Republican National Committeeman Ron Kaufman’s home on Beacon Street. A copy of the attendees list does not show her as an invitee, but her husband Norman Orrall – DCR’s chief civil engineer who works under Roy and Sisk – was on the list, as were other DCR employees and top GOP officials.

“The revelations about this event require the National Committeewoman to do the right thing for the taxpayers and our party. I’d like to remind everyone The Assembly helped to elect – then for Representative – Orrall in 2011,” Daxland said.”

In 2011, Keiko Orrall was a candidate for State Representative backed by the Massachusetts Republican Assembly. Several of the Assembly’s members worked diligently to get her elected. Mary Lou Daxland, who then served as MARA Chapter 4’s Vice President made calls, worked stand-outs at the polls and other locations, and rallied MARA members that could note vote for her to assist her campaign with contributions, field work, etc.

“I also worked with the Representative more recently, raising funds to pay travel expenses at the then-Representative’s request for Peg Luksik, a speaker regarding Common Core Standards. The forum was held at the State House to educate representatives and senators,” Daxland finished.

“I’ve been a supporter of Representative Orrall for years – standouts, contributions, anywhere I can help,” MARA National Director Brian Kennedy said, “She has led on very important issues affecting my home town of Taunton and surrounding communities like mitigations for the Tribal Casino and re-opening Massasoit State Park. So it is my great hope that she will use her considerable influence to do the right thing regarding Mr. Roy and Mr. Sisk.”

When Orrall assumed office on July 25th, she published a Facebook post that reads: “I am now officially the Massachusetts Republican National Committeewoman for the Republican National Committee. I am honored to serve and will work to ensure honesty, transparency, and fairness are hallmarks of the GOP.”

“This is the perfect opportunity to live up to those words,” Kennedy continued. “I cannot imagine a Representative who has worked so hard to re-open Massasoit State Park, which is managed by DCR, would let that department get tarnished by unethical conduct. I cannot imagine that having attended a party that is a “who’s who” of top Republican officials, State Committee members, donors, and lobbyists, would not demand Roy and Sisk resign their posts at DCR and Sisk from the Republican State Committee.”

“Although State Committee members are not public officials, they are voted on by the public with the expectation they will serve as our party’s face. The Massachusetts Republican Assembly works to elect Republicans that fight for reform, including within our own Republican Party. We hope that National Committeewoman Orrall remains a Reformer at heart. I know her predecessor would do the same.” Kennedy finished.

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About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.