Trivial Humiliation is the Left’s Newest, Ongoing Project

I read an article in The Federalist this morning and it struck a nerve with me. It is yet another instance where a public official who does not engage in voluntary and unpaid aspects of a position is being demanded to step down in order to appease the twisted edicts of the political left.


The Background:

Ruth Neely is a judge. In that capacity she is not required nor compensated to perform any marriages whatsoever. She has a second job as a municipal magistrate which is unpaid and MAY perform marriages but is not required to. However, because magistrates MAY perform marriages and Judge Neely has religious convictions precluding her from solemnizing same-sex marriages, the state’s judicial ethics commission argues she must lose her BOTH of her jobs entirely.

Stated Plainly: Wyoming intends to mandate that unless you morally support and will perform same-sex marriages, you cannot serve as a public official. This elevates homosexuality to a legally imposed moral good, which is problematic to any practitioner of pretty much every major world religion – which believes sexuality serves a divine purpose intrinsically linked to procreation.

This has a parallel but not one nearly as politically popular. The left – liberal Democrats – have argued for a long time that in order to receive federal grants doctors and hospitals are required to perform abortions. This is a change to existing federal law, but the premise is the same: The government WILL and MUST force you to violate your conscience.

This impulse is not limited to government officials. The routine abuse of Christian bakeries who refuse to cater to same-sex ceremonies, harassment of other Christian-owned businesses as mundane as pizzerias, and the less-well known instances where embroideries were sued for not contributing art to gay pride parades makes the message clear: Your conscience is invalid. You must be FORCED to violate it.


Trivial Humiliation

The term I thought best described this mindset when I mulled it over this morning is “Trivial Humilation.”

Trivial Humiliation is the concept that cultural dissenters from leftist positions must be punished for failing to humiliate themselves and violate their consciences. No offense is too trivial for this punishment to be inflicted.


If you don’t want to make pro-gay art for the pride parade? The government must Humble (Humiliate) you. Refuse to dedicate special labor to ceremonies you cannot endorse? The government must Humble (Humiliate) you. You are a public official whose duties do not even include solemnizing marriages, but when asked you make your intentions clear? The government must Humble (Humiliate) you. This is only the first step.

You are a doctor and absolutely refuse to destroy human life? The government must Humble (Humiliate) you. You are a parent and you refuse to let school opinions on your child’s sexuality and health issues override your parental rights (check Pages 33-34)? The government must Humble (Humiliate) you. You are an individual and you have even a mere an opinion the government doesn’t like? The government must Humble (Humilate) you, as the Houston mayor attempted to do by subpoenaing the sermons of local churches that opposed the radical ordinance allowing men into women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and other public facilities.


A follow-up question:

On what basis does the left – Liberal Democrats – claim ANY moral authority? Every major issue where they attempt to humiliate decent, ordinary people there is one overarching theme: The Supreme Court Said So. The Supreme Court said marriage is not under the jurisdiction of the states, so anyone who disagrees cannot serve in a public capacity, nor determine how they allocate their private labors. The Supreme Court declared abortion legal, so all in medicine are required to practice it. These are disgusting and repugnant overreaches, but they do accurately describe the landscape of 2016 America. We do not have a Constitutional System any more so much as we have leftists – Democrats and Republicans alike, sad to say –  enthusiastic about making 5 unelected judges our national oligarchs and remaining silent when these abuses are pointed out.


UN-Equal Rights

To be very blunt about it – “equal rights” as currently constituted require the abolition of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Conscience Protections, and every other element of Individual Rights. “Equal Rights” and are thus UN-Equal Rights.

I therefore make this radical statement:

Minorities are Silenced by “Equal Rights” and only Individual Rights can RESTORE their freedoms.


Last I checked, Anthony Kennedy is not a king, judges do not make law, and our country was founded on the principle that any government which humiliates its citizens and usurps their rights is unjust and ought to be abolished. Nor does this notion that The Supreme Court Said So seem to apply to actual rights explicitly stated in The Constitution, like Free Speech (1st Amendment), Free Association (1st Amendment) and Right to Bear Arms (2nd Amendment.) Ask Maura Healey about the latter.

Trivial Humiliation is morally wrong. It is gaining traction now under the false pretense than compelling labor is acceptable if the laborers are labelled bigots. There is no “equality” where governments silences dissent. In that place, only tyranny reigns.

About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.