MARA Demands Governor Charlie Baker End His Culture of Corruption, Matthew Sisk’s Resignation from Public Post and Party Committee.

Below is a Press Release received from the Massachusetts Republican Assembly:

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland – 508-237-2778,

Massachusetts Republican Assembly Demands Governor Charlie Baker End His Culture of Corruption, Matthew Sisk’s Resignation from Public Post and Party Committee.

Matthew Sisk’s misuse of funds part of broader pattern of Baker behavior.

“What a surprise,” MARA National Director Brian Kennedy said upon learning that Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Matthew Sisk had misused government resources to throw a party. “The same Baker Administration that previously employed Jim Conroy – made infamous for attempting to influence the Republican State Committee races on public time – has yet another apparatchik who can’t seem to figure out the public’s dime and the public’s time are not slush funds for their personal and political adventures.” Conroy previously served as one of the governor’s chief advisors and is no longer employed by the Baker Administration; however, he still serves an advisory role in some of the governor’s political initiatives.

Sisk was suspended after WCVB’s Five Investigates discovered Sisk and DCR Commissioner Leo Roy used state resources to throw a private party on July 3rd. The party itself was held at 250 Beacon Street, a building owned by Republican National Committeeman Ron Kauffman, where Kauffman also resides.

“I’m genuinely curious. Don’t people usually end up in jail for stealing taxpayer resources instead of this ‘it’s all cool if he pays it back’ thing? And is Sisk going to meet the same fate as Conroy –  that is, he’ll shift from strongly influencing the Governor with a taxpayer funded paycheck to strongly influencing the Governor from the Dreaded Private Sector or, perhaps, he’ll just get demoted to a pettier office? Just some questions to consider given business as usual on ‘Baker Hill.’” Kennedy concluded.

MARA President Mary Lou Daxland added “This is particularly disgraceful because Matthew Sisk also serves as a Republican State Committee Member and Chair of the By-Laws Committee, the Committee which writes intra-party rules. How can someone who writes our party rules be caught violating state ethics? In a building owned by the National Committeeman no less! It’s a disgrace to our Party!”

Sisk received Governor Baker’s endorsement for State Committee during the Governor’s unprecedented attempt to take over the Party in its intra-party races, with multiple mailings and phone calls funded through a PAC that raised and spent over a million dollars in undisclosed funds. Many of the governor’s endorsement mailers claimed that his endorsed candidates would fight the culture of corruption on Beacon Hill.

“That’s a laugh,” Daxland said. “Governor Baker raises and funnels all this shadow money to his State Committee endorsees, many of whom were state employees – and behold, here they are embodying the very corruption the governor claimed they would fight!”

In a frightening parallel, Sisk led the charge for the Republican State Committee to remove a provision from its party bylaws requiring an annual audit.

“Part of the reason you have an audit is to identify inappropriate uses of funds like the one Sisk just engaged in,” Daxland noted.

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly calls on Governor Baker to terminate the employment of Leo Roy and Matthew Sisk, and further calls on Sisk to resign as a Republican State Committee Member.

“Our Party cannot continue to be embarrassed by Baker Employees like Conroy and Sisk. It will be the best combined Quarter-of-a-Million dollars the governor ever saved the Commonwealth to see Sisk follow Conroy out the door – and not just to a closet or another desk where they still ‘advise’ the Governor. Sisk’s actions are totally unacceptable and mar our State Government as well as our State Committee. His actions are an insult to every honest state worker, and it’s a tragedy that these abuses happen while teachers and MBTA workers get laid off because of ‘insufficient revenue,’ we’re told. ” Daxland finished.

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About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party’s bench.

He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.

  • Robert Cappucci

    Meanwhile Democrats continue to dominate the State House and State Senate in perpetual one party rule of the Bay State. Taxes, rules, regulations and bigger government continues to grow as Governor Baker and his crony henchmen say and do anything to get re-elected, ignore GOP principles by taking liberal stances on the issues, and individuals, taxpayers, families and businesses small and large suffer from a culture of corruption from the ruling class elitists who don’t follow the same rules the rest of us are forced to follow. As the State Committeeman for the 2nd Middlesex District and Chair of Region 3 of the MASS GOP, I’m sick to death of the “gotcha” tactics between the moderate and conservative Republicans and the overall smear campaigns in local, state and national politics. When will the truth, integrity, honor and real issues be the forefront of our discussions so that the people are properly represented by quality leadership in our sacred halls of public service? I fear that day may come when it’s too late. God help us. God help us all.

    • Steve Aylward

      Rob makes greats points, especially about truth, integrity and honor. In today’s Herald, the ED of the Mass Democrat Party Jay Cincotti is quoted as saying that Kirsten Hughes only seems to care about the culture of corruption when it involves Democrats. He refers to the action against Sisk and Roy as a “slap on the hand”. He is sadly correct, for if any of us had used state resources for our own purposes we would be in jail. By not taking firm action, Baker and Hughes give up any moral authority vis a vis corruption in state government. Hughes, and to a lesser extent Baker, are sacrificing their own credibility to protect the status quo. And that is no way to run a political party.

  • Massachusetts hasn’t had a REAL Republican Party for decades. It was thoroughly infiltrated by FAKES – sometimes called RiNOs – whose mission was to PRETEND to be Republicans, – while working for left-wing Progressive Ideals.

    Weld, Romney, Chocolate Pants, Sisk, the Mouseketeer, Momma Kangas are all part of the FAKE Republican mob of Progressives. DON’T BE FOOLED by what they CALL themselves, – look at their ACTIONS and their ROUTINE SILENCE.

    Have you heard ANY of those back-stabbing perverts speak out against the bathroom bill – or against Maura Healey’s unconstitutional gun grab?

  • This is what happens when you are left to choose between the lesser of two evils. We either end up with their crooks or our crooks.

    I knew the GOP was up to no good when they decided to nominate a health insurance executive right after Romney forced everyone to buy health insurance. Cronyism anyone?


    This is disgraceful and bring dishonor tot he Republican State Committee. Mr. Sisk should have the grace to resign. Or the state committee should follow its bylaws and remove him.

    • Lonnie Brennan


      Among those invited to the party were: Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton, Administration and Finance Secretary Kristen Lepore, Revenue Commissioner Michael Heffernan, state GOP chairwoman Kirsten Hughes, Baker Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Vallarelli, Baker Senior Advisor Tim Buckley, Legislative Affairs Director Ryan Coleman, Deputy Chief of Community Relations and Constituent Affairs Mindy d’Arbeloff, Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources Judith Judson, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Martin Suuberg and 173 others. …

      • admin

        As reported by the Boston Herald today, 14 Republican State Committee members were on the invite list. Besides Sisk, the others were Brent Andersen, Mike Case, Gordy Andrews, Brock Cordeiro, Kathleen Dewey, Jean Falcone, Dom Ianno, Janet Leombruno, Bill McKinney, Norman Orrall, Kim Palmer, Susan Smiley, and Mark Townsend

  • Sylvester

    Is this the same Matt Sisk that at the State Committee Meeting last week stated that the SC Treasury did not need a yearly audit? God only knows how much money from the SC Treasury has been used to PARTY with…….You can’t make this stuff up. The SC should call a Special Meeting and demand that Sisk be removed from the Committee…… week without pay is a joke! Sisk needs to loose his job. If this was a conservative the establishment would be coming out with pitch forks ready to hang him.

    • How about a SPECIAL MEETING to remove Sisk, and WELD, and ROMNEY; – since Weld is now running AGAINST the Republican candidate…?

      • Weld endorsed Obama in 2008…and Baker in 2014. That should tell you something about Baker.

  • Waning Republican

    If we are to regain the public trust we need to hold these “no talent ass clowns” to the same standards as everyone else. Remove them from office immediately! If any other state employee, within DCR, did these things they would be terminated. What happened to ‘leading by example’? This is exactly why we are loosing the trust of the younger Republicans.
    FYI, look at the cronies Sisk slid into office in the Western part of the state (withing DCR)… These District and Regional managers are pathetic with no experience. (Edited) Free up tax dollars and remove these so called managers across the (forgotten) Central and Western parts of the state.

  • right wing

    I guess if the democrats were in charge there would be nothing happening except good government ?

    a small mistake with state resources is not a criminal act.
    lack in judgment yes.a criminal act no !

    I am sure the loss of a week’s pay & the ire of governor baker is not what roy & sisk had in mind when they
    decided to have a party using state property & state resources.

    the calling for sisk to resign from his elected position on the state committee ?
    he was elected by republicans in his district.

    the acrimony shown on this blog towards him by fellow members & former members of the state committee did not go un-noticed by me.

    since the subject of the state committee has come up I notice that those clamoring for his removal
    were all loser’s in the last cycle.

    • Steve Aylward

      As a proud Republican State Committeeman, I am not so concerned about the fate of Sisk and Roy as I am about the November elections. Their action, large or small, mistake or evil plan, puts a black mark to on Republican leaders and candidates. It is unfortunate that Gov. Baker will not support the Republican nominee for President. That keeps Republicans in MA home on election day, and thereby hurts our chances to get good Republicans elected to the House. Couple it with stories in the Press about misuse of state funds, and the effect grows larger. On election day, the idea is to Get Out The Vote. Giving Republican leaning voters with a low propensity to vote any reason not to vote on election day works against every Republican candidate. And that should be the only concern for all Republicans, from the leaders of our Party to the newest of newly registered Republican voters.

  • It is time for this corrupt Governor to go and his administration. We must push the legislature of the Commonwealth to act even if it is not on the books and needs to be brought to the table of impeachment or recall for this entire Administration who ran as conservative Republicans the governor has liberal Democrats.

  • Christy Mihos on Charlie Baker 2010