Rapists don’t go to jail, but they do go to the bathroom

In a disturbing piece in the Boston Globe yesterday, Matt Rocheleau points out that 14% of the time, convicted rapists in MA spend absolutely no time in prison.  Couple that fact with the fact that these same rapists, with the signing of the Bathroom Room, will now be free to use Ladies Rooms on the Mass Pike, Bus Terminals, at the  YWCA  and every other lonely corner of the state.  It boggles the mind that our Democrat Legislators think so little for the safety of woman that they would allow such a reckless piece of legislation to get to the Governor’s desk.  Hopefully Baker will see the political folly in signing this bill, and will veto it once and for all.

About Steve Aylward

Steve Aylward is one of the principal owners of Red Mass Group. He is the Republican State Committeeman for Second Suffolk & Middlesex, comprised of Belmont, Watertown, Brighton and Back Bay. In 2014 he was Co-Chairman of the Question 1 - the Ballot Initiative which successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes.