Don’t let Baker fool you again, driver’s licenses edition

The media is reporting that Baker supports the “stronger language” that will prevent illegal immigrants from gaining driver’s licenses here in MA. Don’t believe it. The language Baker supports allows for a gaping wide hole, a hole Baker is well aware of because he’s supported it’s use in the past to give in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens. It all has to do with executive amnesty and the words “lawful presence.”

The Obama administration gave “lawful presence” status to an estimated 4.3 million illegal immigrants through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents (DAP) programs. Deval Patrick quickly took advantage of executive amnesty.

In 2012, former Governor Deval Patrick granted in-state tuition and access to state aid for any students who qualified for the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action For Childhood Arrival program, or DACA. In order to qualify, students must have come to the United States before the age of 16, have lived continuously in the U.S. since 2007, have graduated from a U.S. high school, and have a felony-free criminal record, among other requirements. DACA status guarantees temporary permission to stay in the United States without deportation, and a work permit.

Baker, contrary to what he would have you believe, also supports executive amnesty and it’s use the same as Deval Patrick.

Baker says he supports his predecessor’s initiative because immigrants who qualify for DACA status are automatically granted work permits. That means that once they graduate, they can legally enter the workforce in Massachusetts.

Now driver’s licenses as well. Deval’s twin indeed.

The rumors of executive amnesty’s demise are greatly exaggerated.  A case involving the First Circuit, which includes Massachusetts, would bring it back to life.

The Court’s deadlock could lead to judicial chaos close to the election: Pro-immigration advocates have challenged a circuit court’s authority to make decisions affecting the whole country, and have hinted they’ll bring a suit in another region of the country to put the executive actions into effect there.

In the medium term, the future of immigration policy will be decided by the winner of the 2016 presidential election: Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has promised to get rid of the existing program offering protections to young unauthorized immigrants, while presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has promised to find a way to expand protections even further than Obama did (which means she’d have to use a different justification than the one offered in the now-abortive Obama programs).

The emphasis above is mine. We all know who Baker supports in this crucial presidential election: emphatically not Donald Trump. Baker has all but endorsed Hillary Clinton. We know where he stands on immigration as well. Don’t let him weasel out on this issue. Don’t let the media trick you.

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