A Message on the GOP Platform TO the Log Cabin Republicans

Dear Friend,


There’s no way to sugar-coat this: I’m mad as hell – and I know you are, too.

Moments ago, the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) released the most anti-Republican press release in the organization’s 39-year history.

Promotion of a character assassination piece (In over 2,000 delegates, they found… 9 people to attack, some poorly.) written by The Daily Beast, calling the pushback for inclusion of men in women’s bathrooms and locker facilities (Inclusion Wins!) “nonsense,” agreement with a Time mischaracterization of an amendment for parental choice in their child’s medical care – it’s all in there.

(Sidenote: Well, everything except a link to the actual platform, which as of this writing hasn’t been completed and isn’t publicly available anyway.)

This isn’t my GOP, and I know it’s not yours either. Heck, It’s not even Donald Trump’s! When given a chance to follow the lead of the presumptive GOP nominee and unite every single American against terrorism targeting the LGBT community in the wake of the awful terrorist massacre in Orlando on the gay nightclub Pulse, the Log Cabin Republicans said NO.

(Sidenote: They are trying to raise money off of Orlando. What the hell?)


BUT… Now is not the time to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. Log Cabin Republicans has been officially credentialed for the Republican National Convention, and when it convenes in Cleveland on July 18th, LCR President Gregory T. Angelo wants to take a stand, but he’s going to need your support to do it.

Cleveland is rightly making the most of their time in the spotlight, and pricing for advertising in area news outlets are sky-high. That’s why he was writing for your help.

Please contribute large sums to make sure a purported Republican group can mischaracterize, attack, and promote character assassination of Republicans under our own Party’s banner. Do not let the message of Republicans whose organizational purpose is most easily observed as making Republican politics more statist and identity-based instead of making LGBT politics more individualist and conservative go quietly into the night.

Remember, this is the group that got instant recognition by the MassGOP while a motion that would act quickly to reinstate the Massachusetts Federation of Republican Women (MFRW) got pushed to committee. And they worry about who will get to use the name Republican…

Take back the Platform. Take back the Party. Stand up today and let the folks on the Credentials Committee know that Log Cabin Republicans will amplify the media organs of liberal Democrats in attacking delegates to the Republican convention, and therefore ought to have their claimed credentials removed from this and future conventions.


Brian Kennedy

Counter-cultural Dissident and Occasional Satirist.

These are my own words and don’t represent anything else – your press release sucked, be better Republicans for once.

About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.