Social Tolerance (A comic)

Libertarian Tolerance PaintNet


I’ve decided to try my hand at a basic webcomic. I haven’t come up with a name for it yet, but I really think images will help punctuate the insanity going on in our society. Art was never my strong suit, so you’ll have to forgive me for mostly stick figurines, basic shapes, and text. What I try to do when I make main characters is google image search them, get a read on their haircut, and apply that so you can differentiate major characters from “average people,” if you will. So Johnson has a bit of a cowlick and Weld has a bit of a turned-down combover.


For this first comic I decided to take another look at the Libertarian ticket, and it’s absurd view of social tolerance. You won’t get any of the in-jokes unless you live in Massachusetts, but I can’t go too far off brand, now can I?


If this comic offended you then you read it! Thanks!

About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.