Reality Check – Who Gets It after Orlando?

Drudge Report’s most useful top of the fold feature is its multiple linked headlines. From what we know Omar Mateen frequented the Pulse nightclub to scope it out, utilized Grindr and other gay dating apps, he had an ex-wife, legally obtained a firearms licence, his dad was a Taliban sympathizer, and Mateen was also under FBI investigation.


The NY Post’s article seems to have the most insight. Of course, there are a few unanswered questions as to how his ex-wife became his wife (she was an Uzbekistani immigrant, they divorced after three months), why she needed her current husband to translate from Portuguese, etc. – it just seems very weird but I’d hazard a guess trafficking was involved.


News is still breaking regarding this swirling tempest, but I want to pause to put this in an international context. Within 24 hours of this shooting, the entire nation was put on alert, news broke about different, thankfully thwarted planned attacks on public pride events, and naturally politicians and candidates of all stripes weighed in. That’s what happens in America.


An International Context:

In Europe there are rape epidemics that aren’t even reported until a critical mass occurs and it becomes unavoidable. After the Paris attack, Salah Abdesalem found refuge in Molenbeek, Brussels from where he also planned the attacks. European politicians can be relied on to declare that there are not “no-go zones” in their nations, but reality always intrudes. Additionally, European parliaments often enact laws curtailing free speech because of Islamophobic sentiments, which is a good segue into a nation not so far away from us that has done something similar in the past: Canada, our neighbor to the north.


In fact, publishing of the Mohammed Cartoons and a few other articles, one of which was from Mark Steyn, wound up getting Maclean’s sued by the Canadian government through what was called a “Human Rights Tribunal” at the time. Eventually this high profile attention combined with massive pushback got the section of Canadian law being abused, Section 13, entirely repealed. Why is this important?  Because these attacks on free speech and the practice of goverments hiding crimes perpetrated in the name or under the Shariah culture of Islam ties up a lot of the hypocrisy surrounding this critical national security issue in a neat little bow.


Internationally, several Western nations have made an argument to pass their laws that censorship is necessary because if you allow people to provoke a response, that response may be violent – so best to outlaw the speech. What happened not two weeks before this shooting? President Obama declared June National Pride Month. Is that not a provocation on a grand scale? In 11 Islamic nations homosexuality is outlawed, and it is not unheard of for homosexuals to be thrown from rooftops. Violent opposition to homosexuality is therefore not an ISIS thing or a Radical Extremist thing, it’s a cultural Islam thing. In Europe the president’s action may very well have been a prosecutable offense, if not now (where politicians are still trying to pretend Islamophobia and homophobia are equally unreasonable thoughtcrimes), then in 10 years when it becomes clear that liberals cannot and will not even muster arguments, much less weapons, to defend homosexuals from Islamists. Left-wingers fought to make gay marriage legal. Isn’t that enough for them to permanently guarantee your vote, even if, in the society they are permitting, you’d risk death just by walking outside? That’s the logic that’s being applied.


Deliberately Clueless Leaders, and the Christian/LGBT false dichotomy:

Hillary doesn’t get it. Obama doesn’t get it. When pressed on the issue they’d rather talk about the weapon used, or just minimize the problem as “lone wolves” or collectivize it as “racial extremism,” or sometimes harken back to the crusades (you know, when Christians were fighting a defensive war against Islam after already being driven backward to Spain.) At some later point, after this crisis has passed, surely they will appeal to the LGBT community for their vote by demonizing Christians, casting us as agents of intolerance. The bad news is, there’s always going to be friction between Christians and the LGBT movement, at least as long as the LGBT movement keeps trying to drive every expression of faith and morals outside of broader society to forcibly contain it to within the four walls of a church. Faithful Christians are never going to participate in weddings or other events we find immoral. It’s not going to happen. Imprisoning us or fining us into ruin isn’t going to make it happen. For goodness sake, in the distant past they fed us to lions and crucified us and it didn’t shake our faith.

The good news is, for any open to hearing it, Christians are not the enemy of the LGBT movement. We abhor attacks like this. We have a commandment against murder. Cultural Islam hates us just as much as it hates you. ISIS is trying to behead, stone, and humiliate us with the same fervor it is trying to behead, stone, and humiliate you. We are not the ones supporting these statist governments that silence news of rapes and assaults just because the perpetrators are politically protected classes.

The final analysis is this:

We have come to a point where the delusions of an entire political party, and the premises behind it, put the lives of LGBT Americans in the hands of murderers. The Democratic nominee shares the unique distinction with Omar Mateen that both have been under FBI investigation. They’re blaming guns and nonspecific “hate” and “extremism” for a guy whose entire backstory screams cultural Islamic supremacy.

Other Western nations are much further gone, and would have suppressed the news of this shooting if the Pulse nightclub were in an Islamic neighborhood of Orlando. Orlando would be a no-go zone where LGBT individuals could be executed and nobody would know about it, because to mention it would be “Islamophobic” or “anti-Immigrant” or some other novel thoughtcrime.

That’s the future if we don’t smarten up and change the people in charge of our federal government. I don’t really like Trump that much -though I will vote for him -happily, but Trump gets it. Trump gets that this is a problem, and that it directly affects the safety of the American people, and more specifically the safety of LGBT Americans. Christians do not want a country where injustices can’t be exposed, prosecuted, and resolved. Neither do LGBT Americans. The question we need to ask ourselves is “Who Gets It?” We already know who doesn’t. Act accordingly.

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Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party's bench. He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.