Ferro Announces Bid For State Representative

Former Four-term Marlborough City Councilor Paul R. Ferro announced today he is running for State Representative to represent parts of Marlborough, Northborough, and Westborough on Beacon Hill.

“For too long the Beacon Hill Democratic political machine has stifled growth, and entrepreneurship in our Commonwealth. As State Representative I will work side by side wth my friend Governor Charlie Baker as a stalwart ally to champion pro-growth, job creating policies across the Commonwealth,” Ferro said.

“As Representative I will fight for fairer, lower taxes, highlighted by my 5-5-5 Plan, reducing the sales tax back to 5%, reduce the state income tax rate to 5%, and reduce the state capital gains tax to 5%.

In addition, I will champion pro-active, innovative job creating measures that would generate upwards of 50,000 new blue and white color jobs across the Commonwealth, policies stopped by the antiqued thinking of a fossilized Democratic leadership in the State House,” Ferro said.

Ferro continued; “The current incumbent, Ms. Gregoire, votes with the Speaker of the House 99% of the time, the very same Speaker President Obama’s-appointed US Attorney referred to as an ‘un-indicted co-conspirator’ in one of the largest public corruption scandals in state history. That’s just the current Speaker. The first Speaker Danielle Gregoire cast her vote for was convicted for felony corruption, and is currently serving his sentence in Federal prison.


While the Boston Democratic political bosses let the fish rot from the head, supported by loyal cronies like Danielle Gregoire, the legislature wastes the people’s time debating wether men can use women’s bathrooms, a solution in search of a problem.” Ferro said.
“The people of Marlborough, Northborough, and Westborough, deserve a Representative who will work hand in hand with Governor Charlie Baker to get our state moving forward. I want to be that Representative, and I ask for their support and vote.” finished Ferro.

The district is comprised of Precincts One & Three in The Town of Northborough, Precincts One & Three in the Town of Westborough, and Ward Two, Precinct One, Ward Three, Ward Four, Ward Five, Ward Six, and Ward Seven, Precinct Two, all in the City of Marlborough.


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About Paul R. Ferro

Paul R. Ferro is Senior Editor at RedMassGroup.com. The 9th registered user of RedMassGroup.com, Paul has been with RMG from it's inception. He's also a former 4-term Marlborough City Councilor and currently serves as Chairman of the Marlborough Republican City Committee. You can follow him on twitter @PaulFerro