Baker’s perplexing change on illegal immigration

The base has never been under any illusion that Baker was with them on immigration. From the start that was made clear.

During the summer border crisis, Baker endorsed housing migrant children in Massachusetts, to howls from the right wing. In the words of his spokesman, Tim Buckley, the campaign focused from the beginning on “showing he could say ‘screw you’ to the Republican Party.”

What a surprise it was to see Baker allow the state police to detain illegal immigrants.

Under the new rules, the Massachusetts State Police can detain for up to 48 hours immigrants who entered the country illegally whom ICE requested detention for because they fit into a high-priority category — such as people convicted of felonies or serious misdemeanors or suspected of terrorism. The state police will only detain someone who is already in custody for allegedly committing a state crime.

A state police officer can also contact ICE to ask of there is a federal detainer out on an inmate without first consulting a supervisor.

There is a lot less there than people think. It doesn’t change all that much on the whole, but whatever small steps occur on this issue in this direction is a good thing.

Why wasn’t this done on day one???

The thing that comes to mind is that Baker now realizes that Trump puts Massachusetts in play. This is problematic for Baker’s reelection chances since he read the tea leaves wrong and bet that Trump wouldn’t be the nominee, and moreover thought he could use Trump as a foil to boost his “nice guy” image. That didn’t work out. Now he’s sweating and trying to make inroads on the issue of illegal immigration.

The past week was eye opening for people with regards to another issue. Many rightly feel sandbagged. Continue to keep your eyes open.

Baker has a hands off policy toward sanctuary cities.

“Local officials for the most part are, I believe, the most accountable to the people in their communities,” Baker said. “They should make the decisions with respect to what they want to do and how they want to handle this.”

These are havens of criminality. The ill effects of sanctuary cities are not limited to those cities alone, but spread out amongst the entire commonwealth. This is a complete failure of leadership on Baker’s part. Why is Polito being sent out on these road shows to sign Community Compacts with sanctuary cities and towns? It shouldn’t be too much to ask that these particular cities and towns be prohibited from these state benefits unless they change their ways. That would take leadership. I don’t advise holding your breath while waiting for that.

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