Where do you go to get a refend from Brian Herr?

In the Metro Daily West Newspaper, Brian Herr said he is not voting for the Republican nominee for president. Herr should send back every Republican donation he received in 2014 for his failed run for U.S. Senate. There were not many of them, but he should return them.

In 2014 many conservatives were not happy with Herr being selected as the Republican nominee for the Senate nor were they pleased with the poor job he did running for the position. However, no fellow Republican bashed him as he may of deserved.

Marty Lamb, who beat Herr in the Republican Primary for Congress, never campaigned against him. He kept his mouth shut. Lamb did not point out that Herr helped the Democrat in the race for State Representative two years after the Congressional race. Unlike Herr, Lamb was totally classy.

It seems that Herr is a Republican of convenience. He is only with the party when there is something in it for him.

Brian, refund your donations!

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