Video: Evan Kenney speaks the truth for the win IMHO.

Evan Kenny
Evan Kenney speaks the truth about establishment hack Amy Carnevale and should have ousted her from the Trump slate to win a spot in Cleveland. But the Trumpkins don’t understand that they just voted for someone that will likely betray them.

Listen to the end of the video when a guy can be heard saying “Under Robert’s Rules since he mentioned that woman’s name that woman has a right to (inaudible)” and Brad Jones tell him “Sorry, this is not a debate.”

Well played Brad. Many folk have complimented the minority house leader on how well he controlled the raucous crowd.

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  • Sawx75

    Good job Evan. Shine a light on them.
    As much as I hate to admit it, Brad Jones did a decent job considering how crowded it was. My biggest complain, aside from the interjections from the Trump crew, was the fact that people were allowed to speak if they were not running as a delegate. They would get nominated, and start their speech by saying, “I’m not running, but let me tell you about how great the first guy on the slate is” At a caucus that took 4 hours longer than it should have, I could have done without that nonsense.