Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.


The Republican Party as an institution is facing an existential crisis there are those that passionately and completely support Donald Trump for president. While in our same party there are those that passionately and completely oppose Donald Trump for president. A wise Republican once said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” In the 2016 presidential race we are going to put a test that axiom.

A political party must be more than a means to an end. It must be more than just a steppingstone to political power. A political party should be an organization of principles, and ideals, as well as experience and action. A political party should be able to inspire even when a candidate does not. A political party should have the skills and knowledge to win elections even when a candidate does not. In Massachusetts it seems a long time since our Republican party was seen as inspirational or talented at winning elections.
I am an ideologue. All that I do in politics is dedicated to the support and advancement of that ideology. Mr. Trump does not conform to my ideology. Mister Trump’s policies would violate several of my core principles. But I do not find myself in the #NeverTrump camp. It seems there is more to #NeverTrump than principled opposition to a candidate.
A sizable portion of the Republican Party has felt discomfort with the leadership of the Republican Party. This is not the place to rehash the long list of grievances that both cliques have built up. I am concerned that the 2016 presidential election will be the last straw will shatter the Grand Old Party into competing factions. I know that a shattered Republican Party is bad for America. We will not be able to create lasting political change that our nation so desperately needs by warring among ourselves.
That brings us to the more difficult challenge: “how to reconcile these two warring factions?” That is the most important question of the 2016 presidential campaign, not who will be the Republican nominee but who will be the Republican peacemakers?


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  • rockinrandall

    I think in this case the free thinkers are the ones that have been freed.

    The slaves are the bought and paid for Baker hacks. They do what massa Charlie tells them to do. Period.

  • Michael Quinlan

    The first thing Republicans must do to establish any trust and respect from their voters is to actively work, again and again, to implement legislation that reinforces the principle declarations upon which they were elected. Drifting from supporting those principles after elections and merely rationalizing away any effort that could cause potential conflicts with Democrats leaves the Republican voters with contempt. Such contempt is voiced by ignoring Establishment pap and electing an anti-Establishment candidate.

  • Melviin Hackle

    The article contains: “It seems there is more to #NeverTrump than principled opposition to a candidate.”

    No, that’s not true in my case. I oppose Donald Trump on principles alone.

    Trump has advocated killing the families of terrorists!

    Trump has advocated bringing back torture. Aside from being immoral, unconstitutional, and against international law, one only has read the Congressional Report on Torture to realize that no useful information was found about terrorists or terrorism by torturing people. Furthermore, about 20% of the inmates at Guantanamo were not terrorists, they were merely fighting because they were told American troops were foreign invaders.

    Then there is Gul Rahman, a totally innocent man, who in a case of mistaken identity was tortured to death at a CIA black site.

    Then there is immigration and the wall. About 2400 illegal immigrants commit “serious” crimes such as drug dealing, rape, and murder. That’s out of an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. That’s actually a lower rate of such serious crimes than the rate in the population of American citizens! So, Trump’s assertions that they are “rapists and murderers” and that “Mexico is sending us their worst” is obviously false.

    And of course his vilification of Muslims is offensive.

    And his using opposition of political correctness as an excuse to be rude to others is NOT a good way to negotiate. In fact, Trump is a horrible negotiator, he is a bully who only gives way when he cannot win.

    This is how Donald Trump treats regular people.