Mitt – Please just go away!

When will Mitt Romney go away?  He continues to berate the Republican nominee – chosen by the people – Donald Trump.  As soon as Romney finished his rant, his establishment friend and ally Hillary Clinton picked up on Romney’s talking point about tax returns.  Romney is irrelevant, but like so many other MA Republican leaders he seeks notoriety by being disloyal to the Party.  Mitt – as Trump pointed out – you had your chance!  You blew it because you were afraid to stand up for the people, and were too concerned about what your consultants told you.  Please go away and leave us to support our Republican candidate for President.  We supported you, now please return the favor and let us support Trump.

About Steve Aylward

Steve Aylward is one of the principal owners of Red Mass Group. He is the Republican State Committeeman for Second Suffolk & Middlesex, comprised of Belmont, Watertown, Brighton and Back Bay. In 2014 he was Co-Chairman of the Question 1 – the Ballot Initiative which successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes.

  • right wing

    Romney like baker are entitled to their opinion.

    I voted for both as governor & Romney for senator & president.

    I will be voting & supporting trump for president.
    since when did republican’s
    vote because of lack of support from former & elected officials ?

    democratic voters are the ones that need to be ” coached ” on how to vote.

  • Brian Kennedy

    When Bob Dole and John McCain get this right but Romney does not, maybe we actually dodged a bullet in 2012. Mitt should have just quit while he was ahead instead of shredding whatever was left of his reputation.

    I mean, heck, John McCain could even make a personal claim against Trump specifically, but he hasn’t. So again, what is Mitt’s excuse?

  • The Republican establishment does not want Trump to win. If they do not get a bush in there Hillary they will lose all power the bush years will be over old man Bush will not be able to run the GOP anymore so Romney’s being a good tool and doing whatever you can to destroy the Republicans chances to get Trump in the office. At this point in the game if you are not for Donald Trump for president whether you like him or not well then you’re for Hillary Clinton and that’s about the gist of it.