Baker’s last mile initiative being led by Democrat Lobbyist

Politico’s Lauren Dezenski’s  rundown of what’s up on Beacon Hill mentions Governor Bakers latest hire, Peter J. Larkin. Larkin will be working to ensure that the “last mile” is completed.

“Last mile” refers to the cost and difficulty of getting broadband to everyone is that last mile to reach them. We can’t leave anyone out because that wouldn’t be fair.


SO Who is Peter Larkin?


Peter J. Larkin
Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives from the 3rd Berkshire District
In office

Then a Lobbyist

Larkin resigns to join lobbyist firm

12:00AM / Tuesday, January 11, 2005Print
Peter J Larkin with Gov. Mitt Romney, during his visit to Pittsfield in Oct 2003

PITTSFIELD — State Rep. Peter J. Larkin, D-Pittsfield, today announced that he was resigning as representative from the Third Berkshire District to join the lobbyist and consulting firm ML Strategies as its senior vice president of government relations.

Now he is Charlie Baker’s latest hire.

SOON EVERYONE IN THE COMMONWEALTH WILL BE ABLE TO READ THIS EMAIL WITH EASE — “Baker-Polito Administration Announces New Leadership Team for Last Mile Broadband Project” — Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development press release: “The Baker-Polito Administration announced today the appointment of two new senior staff members, charged with leading the Last Mile Broadband Project for communities un- or underserved by high-speed internet access in Western Massachusetts. … Peter J. Larkin will serve as Special Advisor to the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, overseeing planning and strategy for the Last Mile project. Larkin will assume the role of Chairman of the Board of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the quasi-public entity charged with executing the Last Mile project. Bill Ennen will serve as the Last Mile Implementation Liaison, and will be based in Western Massachusetts to assist Larkin in local community engagement and planning. Both appointments are effective immediately.”
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I guess we were a little short on Former Republican state rep lobbyists this week so he went for yet another democrat.

Good work Charlie. Now every cow farmer in Western MA will have access to the interwebs.


I wonder what kind off fees will be added to everyone’s internet bills so that every single cow farm in Massachusetts has access to broadband.


It’ll be great when every cow farm in Western Mass has broadband.

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  • Jim Gettens

    Baker and Beaton made sure Kinder-Morgan could’t make the ‘last mile to Dracut’ with a natural gas pipeline to help gas-starved Massachusetts industries, though.

    They’ve been too busy sniffing cow methane at the source…

  • Baker is not a Republican and should be impeached for running as one.

  • TermLimits

    When does it end with this guy? The devil Patrick was more tolerant of Republicans than this governor! God help us!

  • right wing

    Two wrongs do not make a right ?

    Former governor Patrick would of never hired a republican for anything.
    He even went out of his way to expunge the board & commissions of any Republicans.

    Governor Baker is big enough to hire democrats for any number of positions.
    shows that he is the governor of the whole state not just members of the Republican party.

    Author’s response: Democrats build the party by hiring their own. Baker helps to build the democrat party as he attacks the conservatives in his own party.

  • We need to recall liberal Charlie Baker and the liberal Karen Polito for running as Republicans but ruling as leftist liberal an American Democrats.