National Committeewoman Race; a Look at the Numbers

For some months I have been reading a lot about (and as a candidate myself being involved in) the GOP State Committee races where we saw well over 300k being raised and spent (just on one side of the battle) not on important races like candidates for State Rep. in Fitchburg and Peabody in an effort to help retain and bolster our consistently small numbers in the house to better defend and support Governor Baker’s agenda in state government (not to mention defending the wallets of taxpayers).  Instead large sums of $ were raised and spent on, with what looks to be, a couple of seats majority for control of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee; races which very few voters care about when you are at their door asking for their vote. With the votes counted and the winners announced we now turn our attention to the next phase of this costly, fundamentally damaging, and unnecessary fight; the National Committeewoman Race.


Reading an article recently by someone who sounds as though they have no idea what they are talking about but clearly wants people to think otherwise, I came across an odd reason why Chanel should be removed. “.. Orrall has made it clear that as Committeewoman, she will operate as a team player.” In my opinion one of the main aspects of being a team player should naturally be supporting the home team and supporting our candidates, including financially. I don’t think anyone can disagree to Chanel’s track record of helping candidates so let’s take a peek at the financial side of things. One of the great aspects of OCPF, aside from the occasional fining of democrats, is that they maintain an excellent record of people who have donated $50 or more to a campaign so let’s have a look see at which National Committee woman candidate is more of a “team player” shall we?

Rep. Keiko Orrall – $2,745 (not including $ given to her own campaign) in all recorded donations to 16 entities including 2 PAC’s, 2 RTC’s, 11 candidates (One of which hailed from Western Mass), and the State Committee (presumably to be a delegate to the Convention). I fail to see any type of donation to our Governor or Lt. Governor during their 2014 campaign or before. Closet Fisher supporter perhaps? Hmm.


Conversely, Chanel Prunier – $56,684.11 (Dear God.) in all recorded donations to (drum roll please) 124 separate GOP entities including 9 PAC’s, 4 RTC’S, and 111 Republican Candidates (including approx. 9 Western Mass candidates). Oh look! There are also donations to Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito in the past as well.


Team player? From a Western Mass perspective, I see many members of the SC, including some in the ranks here in Western mass, endorsing against the only Western mass friendly National Committeewoman we’ve had in sometime, someone who has come out and supported our candidates out here when many wouldn’t. What I see is a current National committee woman who has donated over 20 times the amount of donations her competitor has to over 4x the number of PAC’s, 2x the number of RTC’s, and over 10x the Number of Republican candidates running for office at all levels of Government here in the Commonwealth. And that is nothing to say for the hours of work put in aiding our candidates. From supporting Governor Baker to Republican candidates and PAC’s from Pittsfield to Peabody and beyond, Chanel is by far the better team player from a financial point of view (not including thand the numbers don’t lie unlike some accusations I have seen thrown out across the web. This isn’t rocket science, guys. There is only one superb choice next week in the race for National Committeewoman and that is Chanel Prunier.

(Full disclosure: Like many of you I have known the Governor and Chanel for some years. I consider both of them to be friends and in the past I’ve have had honor of consuming alcoholic beverages with them and others on both sides of this schism in the party. As both sides spent considerable $, time, and effort working in favor of either one of my opponents for SC-man, I’d like to think I’m somewhat well positioned to be impartial in my view on this matter.)

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