National Committeewoman Race; a Look at the Numbers

For some months I have been reading a lot about (and as a candidate myself being involved in) the GOP State Committee races where we saw well over 300k being raised and spent (just on one side of the battle) not on important races like candidates for State Rep. in Fitchburg and Peabody in an effort to help retain and bolster our consistently small numbers in the house to better defend and support Governor Baker’s agenda in state government (not to mention defending the wallets of taxpayers).  Instead large sums of $ were raised and spent on, with what looks to be, a couple of seats majority for control of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee; races which very few voters care about when you are at their door asking for their vote. With the votes counted and the winners announced we now turn our attention to the next phase of this costly, fundamentally damaging, and unnecessary fight; the National Committeewoman Race.


Reading an article recently by someone who sounds as though they have no idea what they are talking about but clearly wants people to think otherwise, I came across an odd reason why Chanel should be removed. “.. Orrall has made it clear that as Committeewoman, she will operate as a team player.” In my opinion one of the main aspects of being a team player should naturally be supporting the home team and supporting our candidates, including financially. I don’t think anyone can disagree to Chanel’s track record of helping candidates so let’s take a peek at the financial side of things. One of the great aspects of OCPF, aside from the occasional fining of democrats, is that they maintain an excellent record of people who have donated $50 or more to a campaign so let’s have a look see at which National Committee woman candidate is more of a “team player” shall we?

Rep. Keiko Orrall – $2,745 (not including $ given to her own campaign) in all recorded donations to 16 entities including 2 PAC’s, 2 RTC’s, 11 candidates (One of which hailed from Western Mass), and the State Committee (presumably to be a delegate to the Convention). I fail to see any type of donation to our Governor or Lt. Governor during their 2014 campaign or before. Closet Fisher supporter perhaps? Hmm.


Conversely, Chanel Prunier – $56,684.11 (Dear God.) in all recorded donations to (drum roll please) 124 separate GOP entities including 9 PAC’s, 4 RTC’S, and 111 Republican Candidates (including approx. 9 Western Mass candidates). Oh look! There are also donations to Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito in the past as well.


Team player? From a Western Mass perspective, I see many members of the SC, including some in the ranks here in Western mass, endorsing against the only Western mass friendly National Committeewoman we’ve had in sometime, someone who has come out and supported our candidates out here when many wouldn’t. What I see is a current National committee woman who has donated over 20 times the amount of donations her competitor has to over 4x the number of PAC’s, 2x the number of RTC’s, and over 10x the Number of Republican candidates running for office at all levels of Government here in the Commonwealth. And that is nothing to say for the hours of work put in aiding our candidates. From supporting Governor Baker to Republican candidates and PAC’s from Pittsfield to Peabody and beyond, Chanel is by far the better team player from a financial point of view (not including thand the numbers don’t lie unlike some accusations I have seen thrown out across the web. This isn’t rocket science, guys. There is only one superb choice next week in the race for National Committeewoman and that is Chanel Prunier.

(Full disclosure: Like many of you I have known the Governor and Chanel for some years. I consider both of them to be friends and in the past I’ve have had honor of consuming alcoholic beverages with them and others on both sides of this schism in the party. As both sides spent considerable $, time, and effort working in favor of either one of my opponents for SC-man, I’d like to think I’m somewhat well positioned to be impartial in my view on this matter.)

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  • Joshua Norman

    As a former Fisher supporter, I can assure you Keiko Orrall was not a Fisher supporter. The Boston Broadside knows the story about her, as does the Jazz Patriot himself Tom Wholley.

    • Alex Sherman

      Just seemed odd.

  • Robert Grove

    Mr. Sherman is being disingenuous. In case he didn’t notice – in the past 5+ years of Ms. Prunier funding candidates, the GOP has not had much success towards it’s primary goal – breaking the super majority. In 2010 there were 32 Republicans in the House. After all that time and money Ms. Prunier invested, today we have 34. Regardless of the amount, it was money poorly spent. Whatever her “solution” is for breaking the Dem’s super majority, it isn’t working. Time for new leadership.

    • Bob, Are you actually this ignorant, or are you just completely oblivious to facts?

      You fail to mention that in 2008, we had 16 State Reps. The fact that we more than doubled in 2010 to 33 is in no small part because of the work of Chanel Prunier and her tireless raising of funds for candidates across the state, including the vast majority of the 22 GOP Freshman Reps elected in 2010, and then doing the same for the two GOP pick-ups in 2011, including Keiko Orrall!

      in 2010, the Party gave an in-kind donation of $3,000 to 20 candidates in the form of a single 10,000 piece mailing. I know, I was working on several campaigns that year. In one case, we asked if we could GIVE THE PARTY $$$ to make it a 15,000 piece mailing and Nassour said “No” (by comparison, my City Committee spent $89,000 on State Rep Races that year)

      Meanwhile, I personally attended a dozen fundraisers put on my Chanel for GOP candidates that cycle (usually for two candidates at a time) that raised $5,000-$10,000 a pop, each. So while the Party was spending $60,000 on Rep races in 2010, Chanel was raising about 3-4 times that for Candidates.

      Know what you’re talking about. Otherwise you just look foolish.

      • Alex Sherman

        He shoots from the hip without knowing all of the facts. He also apparently has a love for that common core math when he says she’s been around for only 5+ years helping candidates. Chanel’s first itemized donation was 2002 and I wasn’t around the but I’m sure she helped out before that. That would be 14+ years of activism.

    • Mr. Grove

      Certainly, there is more than just raising money for candidates. But the fact sad remains that the MASSGOP spent ten times more on state committee races than they allocate on grassroots efforts in their annual budget.

      How dare you suggest that the lack of success the GOP lies with Chanel, one of the hardest working activists we have. Who do you think you are? For a year and half you have little more than criticize the state of affairs, and have done little in the way of helping.

      You show no understanding of how the grassroots has faired under years of neglect from the political establishment in our own party or the reasons for eleven percent Republican identity or success at the ballot box.

  • Alex Sherman

    Unsubstantiated rumors indeed. Like when you alluded that I ever said Keiko not donating was a “a disqualifier as a “team player”. Almost as bad as some rumors I’ve seen that Chanel cost certain candidates their elections. Unsubstantiated claims have been fired off so I figured I would fire off one that was honestly the first thing that came to my mind when I see Chanel donating to the Governor’s 2014 campaign and not her opponent. As for the 11th Amendment it seems to have died off quite sometime ago.

    Don’t construe any of this as a knock on Keiko personally either. I’ve never met her aside from walking past her once during a lobby day at the statehouse earlier this year. I’m sure she’s a nice person, I doubt Chanel and others would have supported her for State Rep. if she wasn’t. This is just my thoughts on the matter pertaining to the claim made in a New Boston post that Keiko was going to be a team player alluding that Chanel would not be when it was Chanel who I have seen supporting candidates all throughout the commonwealth even well before I got involved to a degree I hope to match one day. I feel that our national committee people should be supporting our candidates just like state committee members should and Chanel has a solid history of doing so in every form imaginable. Money, as I said in my post, is just one aspect (and in my opinion one of the main aspects) of it but it’s also something that’s mostly readily available at Mass.Gov/ocpf for anyone to see.

    P.S. Welcome to the GOP

    • CDPLakeville

      If you don’t want anyone to construe, then don’t mention the rumor. It was totally unnecessary to your point. If you are responding to the New Boston Post, then knock them for insinuating that Chanel would not be a team player.
      You layout good reasons to support Chanel and you should to continue defending your candidate and convince others to support her. She is your choice.
      We should resurrect the 11th Commandment. We would be a better part for it.

  • Steve Aylward

    Ballot Question #1 – to eliminate inflation linked Gasoline Taxes – was the biggest anti tax victory for Republicans in the last 25 years, maybe more. Charlie Baker himself is on record at an event in East Bridgewater telling supporters that without the gas tax question to get out the vote, he likely would not have won. From Desiree right on down, hundreds of us heard him say it. So as Chair of that Committee I want to remind everybody about who was one of the 10 original petitioners to the Attorney General to get the question on the ballot – Chanel Prunier. And who gathered thousands of signatures to make that a reality? Chanel Prunier. Talk is cheap, especially in Massachusetts Republican politics. People make up stories and facts to suit their purposes. So be it. Chanel does the work, and the record shows it. Period.

  • Sylvester

    I find it laughable that the 11th Commandment is being mentioned in all this drama. If the 11th Commandment is to be resurrected then someone should sit the new State Committeewoman Keiko Orrall down and explain it to her. Her backstabbing of the very people that got her elected in the first place needs to stop. At Tuesday nights SC meeting after being elected she was attacking Chanel with comments to Conservative SC members that I will not repeat here. This coming after Keiko’s temper tantrum at 2 polling sights on March 1st after posting on face book that Mary Lou Daxland never helped her get elected. Which multiple conservatives can defend is an out right lie! Daxland not only helped Keiko get elected she got her the funding for an anti Common Core Forum at the State House last fall. Part of Keiko’s temper tantrum she attacked David Steinhof who was running against her husband for SC with comments that again I will not lower myself to repeat here.

    It is very clear to conservatives that Keiko has been bought by the Baker Administration. She has back stabbed the very people that helped her in the first place. Any Conservative that she claims she is would have said to Baker ” Look Chanel helped me get elected I really don’t feel I should be the one to run against her for National Committeewoman.” But Keiko is spineless and she will do whatever it takes to defend the Governor. Maybe that is because she has to protect her husbands $110.000.00 a year job.

    Mass Citizens for Life should really take another look at Keiko’s perfect rating. All the newspapers this week are stating how Keiko has is so Pro Life…….. Yet Keiko has worked with the Pro Death Governor to take out Pro Life members on the SC. Like Steve Aylward stated ” People make up stories and facts to suit their purposes.’ With that being true Keiko Orrall is quite the “story teller”.

    • right wing

      the republican national committeewomen’s race is over.
      chanel prunier is a strong women she will bounce back.
      the amputations are finished at least I hope so.

      it’s time to quit going after republicans that are working for the administration.
      last time I checked republicans need to feed their families.
      educate and clothe their children.
      pay the mortgage & try to pay the bills which is not easy in such a high tax state.

      keep in mind then when deval was elected he removed every republican from every board
      & commission without exception.martha would of continued that tradition.
      even in the 70’s & 80’s under Dukakis & king republicans were not treated as badly.