(Mass) Fiscal Watchdog or Rich Republican’s Club

Just recently Charlie Baker has come out of the closet as a Tax and Spend Liberal… Yet Mass Fiscal Alliance Executive Director Paul Craney posts a picture of himself having dinner with the Governor.

Mass Fiscal Watchdogs or Not

In a recent Op Ed Charlie Baker writes the following:

It’s a topic of eternal debate about government at all levels. Are we spending enough? Are we spending it on the right priorities? Are we taxing enough to pay for it? While these are important questions, our administration has been focused on answering another one. Is state government doing the best we can with the dollars we collect from our hardworking taxpayers?

Read Charlie Baker’s Op Ed here -> GOV. CHARLIE BAKER: Let’s judge government not by how much it spends, but how it’s spent

What is absent from the Governor’s Op Ed is the question “Are we spending too much?” or “Can we keep spending flat?”

The Governor’s budget went up by approximately $1B and gateway cities are facing budget crises.

The Governor ends the Op Ed with this:

Let’s consider a new way of measuring success. Instead of simply adding up how much money state government spends, let’s measure how well government delivers on its stated objectives for the dollars it collects from taxpayers. That would be far more aspirational than simply spending a whole lot more of someone else’s money to reward and perpetuate the same old same old.

While I agree with the Governor’s final statement of his Op Ed, he failed to show any type of fiscal constraint in his budget. Are we supposed to be happy that the budget only increased by $1B, instead of the usual $2B trajectory it had under Deval Patrick? When the country has seen a decrease in working people,  actual tax payers, one has to ask when is this insanity going to stop?

Spending & Revenue by Year
Fiscal 2013 Fiscal 2014 Fiscal 2015 Fiscal 2016
Spending ($B) $32.342 $34.267 $36.938 $38.062
% Growth 4.4% 6.0% 7.8% 3.0% *
Tax Revenue ($B) $22.123 $23.370 $24.307 $25.479
% Growth 4.8% 5.6% 4.0% 4.8%


The democrats have repeatedly accused Mass Fiscal of being a partisan group and having dinner with a governor who shows zero fiscal restraint does little to prove them wrong.

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