Does MA Family Institute’s welcome to Orrall still hold?

Baker expects liberals to woo, but the radical activists only boo.

An article has been making the rounds this week that captured the attention of party leaders across the state, at least if Evan Falhchuk’s Sponsored Content on Facebook is any indication. It’s about letting men into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. Governor Baker hasn’t given that his full-throated endorsement, so he got booed off the stage.


As for the new National Committeewoman, here’s a blast from the past from Massachusetts Family Institute:

“Representative-elect Orrall is on the record as being pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. She supports the definition of marriage and putting it on the ballot f

or the voters to decide, as well as opposing the flawed and dangerous “Bathroom Bill.” She has also stated her opposition to casino gambling and the use of taxpayer dollars for the “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Commission.”

This brings up an interesting dichotomy.

There are absolutely no votes to be had engaging these privilege activist groups. They are there to ensure their fair share of government funding for their privilege projects, and a high perch from which they can affect all other areas of public policy. One of those perches is the Youth Commission, which actively links to liberal advocacy groups like the MA Transgender Political Coalition and groups that push sexually explicit materials into schools like GLSEN. Our tax dollars at work.

The Youth Commission still exists, and in one of my own RMG articles I covered the moral inversion and fiscal nonsense of expanding special access contracting laws. Given this, what influences, if any, will the National Committeewoman – who by good fortune can introduce bills into the legislature to address this – have on the Governor’s priorities?

By contrast, the Massachusetts Family Institute is not an organization that welcomes new legislative representatives lightly. A huge portion of their supporters volunteer, contribute to, raise money for, and vote for Republicans.  They are also not radicals, as evidenced by their own posting yesterday asking people call the governor’s office and thank him for being fair and balanced.

The path that originally got Representative Orrall elected is the better path for Republicans than the repeated attempts to court people who only find us useful when we cave to their radical agenda. Even when we do, they do not and will not vote for us.

The question is, now that she is in a national leadership position, will support for the agenda actual Republican voters want be stated boldly? She has both the ability to influence the law and the clout to advocate for it. She also has a duty to recruit challengers for the Democrats we know will oppose those initiatives.

About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy is a conservative activist and Taunton resident with 6 years of extensive volunteer experience on political campaigns, with a focus on drafting and enhancing new talent to build the Republican Party’s bench.

He is also National Director for the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, a full-platform conservative organization nationally chartered by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.

  • Jim Gettens

    Baker’s predilections and sympathies are such that he should be using ladies’ rooms consistently. Perhaps he and Keiko will confer in one.

  • Jim Gettens

    Howie Carr: It’s Really Hard to Feel Sorry for Clueless Charlie Baker–

  • Michael Quinlan

    Orrall ‘went native’ to further her own interests. She will NOT maintain any of the conservative positions which initially made her an attractive Republican candidate. When it became convenient for her ‘rise’ she quickly discovered she is a RINO and became a member of Baker’s ‘Pro-Sodomy and Pro-Baby Dismemberment Team’. Integrity should not dissolve when faced with the lust for place and position.

    • Jim Gettens

      YouTube–Brainwashed University Automatons Quizzed on “Gender Identity” and “Bathroom Bill” Issues:

      Baker and Polito have determined that pandering to disordered cretins like these is potentially more politically advantageous than protecting the security and privacy of normal, rational folks comprising 97% of the Massachusetts population.

      Baker and Polito are so ‘open minded’ that whatever brains they had fell out a long time ago.

    • CDPLakeville

      Michael, since you do not know Keiko’s iron clad conservative principles or her motives for running for the position, your rant is hollow and baseless. Your inflammatory assumptions are boarder line slander and displays a childish behavior that solves no problems in this Commonwealth.
      My apologies if you don’t like people like Keiko who are mature enough to have meaningful conversations to advance conservativism even with people she disagrees with politically on a number of issues. Baker and Polito may not be conservatives, but they are light years ahead of Deval Patrick and the rest of the Democrats in this state when it comes to dealing with them.
      You can either stay in the sand box with the children throwing sand or chose to grow up and start some constructive conversations and ideas on how to fix this sorry state of the Commonwealth by calling out the true enemies, the Democrats.