Baker and the Bathroom Bill

In the wake of the decision last year by Governor Baker, along with his colleagues Kaufman, Weld et al to file a brief in Federal Court standing against Republican Party values and for Democrat Party values, the Watertown Republican Town Committee met subsequently to discuss that particular matter, among other things.  At the meeting, Baker Cabinet member Elizabeth Mahoney took the brunt of the frustration from the members about Republican leaders openly rebelling against our party’s official and stated values and beliefs.  [Remember, MA GOP by-laws state unequivocally that we will support the Platform – without exception.] The subject quickly turned to the Bathroom Bill, at which time RTC members were assured by Ms. Mahoney with 100% confidence and certainty that Baker’s position on the Bathroom Bill was in strong opposition to it.  Ms. Mahoney was firm in her resolve.

Now however Baker’s position has apparently morphed into a promise not to veto the bill, which is of course no different than saying he will sign it. In light of Baker’s liberal stance on all things social however (he once claimed to be to the left of Obama on social issues) RMG suspects that in spite of Ms. Mahoney’s conviction, Baker always wanted to support the Bathroom Bill, but needed to wait until after he had waged his battle against the social conservatives on the Republican State Committee earlier this year.

Baker’s argument for supporting the bill is that he doesn’t want to discriminate. While it is a position that RMG can respect, it ignores something more important than all else, which is the one of personal safety.  Because the other side of the equation, the side which Baker chooses to ignore, is how to protect women, children and other vulnerable members of the population when you open up all bathrooms to all people all the time.  Now you don’t have to be a genius to realize that everywhere in our world there are people of all varieties who seek to inflict harm on others.  And after all, bathrooms are small, isolated spaces, with usually only one means of egress, where people are often distracted by the task at hand, and where most people are at some point in time in some state of undress.  A bathroom is a unique and personal space, and that fact must be taken into consideration when crafting a position on open unrestricted access.

Now for the purposes of this argument, RMG assumes, and rightly so we believe, that no person identifying themselves as transgender is any more inclined to be a threat to anyone than people who do not define themselves as such. In fact, given the small percentage of the population that is transgender, the real concern has nothing to do with them.  It is about opening up all bathrooms to the general population.  For what the argument of parents, moderates and conservatives is and always has been is that it is about the protection of the vulnerable.  The protection of our weakest, our most vulnerable has always been and will always be our greatest strength, and that which unites all Americans.   That said, what of convicted sexual predators, straight or otherwise?  Can they now use any bathroom at any time?  Can a pack of teenage boys, strolling through the Mall on a Saturday afternoon now follow an attractive young girl into the ladies room?   How comfortable will she be with the boys she was hoping to get away from now sitting on either side of her?  And what of the thief who can prey on ladies purses?  Certainly the thief could not ask for a better environment than a bathroom to lift a purse or two.  By the time the victim can get put back together as it were, the thief is long gone.

So the challenge for the Governor becomes how to provide a person who has a sincere and honest need to use their bathroom of choice with ensuring that predators of any size or shape cannot have isolated unsupervised access to members of the opposition sex. Sadly however the two goals are in fact mutually exclusive.  The Gov cannot have complete and outright access while guaranteeing safety for our weakest and most at risk.  He knows this.


RMG calls on the Governor to change his position on the Bathroom Bill back to his original position of firm opposition by explaining that since it is impossible to balance two conflicting goals, and while he respects the concern of a certain small slice of the population to use a facility of their choosing, he will and must err on the side of protecting the safety and security of children, women, the elderly and all others at risk.

About Steve Aylward

Steve Aylward is one of the principal owners of Red Mass Group. He is the Republican State Committeeman for Second Suffolk & Middlesex, comprised of Belmont, Watertown, Brighton and Back Bay. In 2014 he was Co-Chairman of the Question 1 – the Ballot Initiative which successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes.

  • right wing

    what will happen to all the urinals ?

    if a girl wants to use the men’s room and there is only one toilet will she be forced
    to use a urinal ?

    if a guy wants to use the ladies room and the toilets are occupied will he be forced
    to use the urinals in the men’s room ?

  • Brian Kennedy

    The problem is this:

    The transgender population is a small population.
    The predator population is also a small population.

    Given that no one on either side intends to have patrolmen at public restrooms (I don’t think anyway), this is another area where having no specific law better protects the liberties of everyone than having a law that can grant effective immunity to enter a restroom if you can convince a court you identify as a different sex than your chromosomes and/or legal documents indicate.

    So far as I know there is not a blanket ban on men entering women’s restrooms. It is not unheard of for a dad with a four year old little girl (mom isn’t around at the moment) to escort her into and out of the ladies room – quietly and discreetly – to the ill effect of no one. Most of the concerns with men in women’s restrooms come from the standard police complaints of perverts and predators taking advantage of the scenarios mentioned in the article.

    There would be nothing that makes those predators happier than drawing attention to themselves and then using a legalism to grant themselves immunity to push the peeping envelope to the limit. All they have to do is convince a liberal judge that “I’m the real victim here.” Do you have any faith a Massachusetts judge is going to put a biological woman’s word over a “transgender” woman’s? These predators have displayed they have nothing better to do with their time than make other people uncomfortable. Don’t give them the opportunity to do so with legal immunity.

  • Jim Ridge

    It is beyond belief that political correctness now supersedes public safety. The risk to young women and girls and women in general is too great when anyone can enter the ladies rest room.

  • Patricia Doherty

    If you have moved over to the other sex in a concrete manner then you may use the bathroom of the sex you crossed over to. No one will know the difference. So then why is the bathroom bill an issue? Because the bill uses the word “identifies”. Meaning one may use the bathroom of the sex that one identifies with at the moment one goes to the bathroom. Consequently, if the bill passes, a fully dressed man may follow a seven year old girl into the ladies’ room. If he is stopped or questioned, he can claim he feels as though he is a woman at that moment. Worse is that the person can bring a claim against the store, the police, the security force, etc who questioned him. And often, as in a number of states recently, the police force and the corporate entity may be forced to undergo sensitivity training along with paying massive fines. Never mind the large number of sexual incidents that has taken place in the states where this bill is active.

    The real reason the bathroom bill exists is to erase gender. How do we know that? Because the files of the LGBT community tells us so. We have files inches thick with their “how to” and “why” papers. Btw, to erase gender is not just a goal of the LGBT community but of the left’s also.
    As a lobbyist (registered) against the bathroom bill, when Deval was governor, we knew the state reps did not want it to see the light of day as it was written. . They knew the public was vehemently against it. The public still is (try polling if you think not). Consequently, when the bill passed in 2012, it excluded public accommodations including bathrooms and locker rooms in public schools.
    It does not take a brain surgeon to understand that people will use the bill’s weak language as a cover to go into the ladies’ rooms. Why then will Baker and others support the bill? Because they have no cojones, to be blunt. They are afraid of standing up to a large, organized, extremely loud group especially one that the Globe agrees with. They would rather appear to agree with the LGBT community than show the world they do not have the courage to articulate the truth of the matter and have to incur the wrath of the prevailing loud mouths. Let’s not pretend. Every attorney who is worth his annual bar dues knows what this bill means and the corner office has plenty of attorneys to inform those that need to know. So let’s call it for what it is: a lack of fortitude or to bring Jack Kennedy to mind, Baker et al will not be candidates for a future profiles in courage award.

    Where will this go? Interesting question because the reps know that their opponents will use the bathroom bill against them in their local campaigns. It is a winning issue against a rep who votes for it. Just ask a few democrats who lost their seats when Chanel was campaigning against them using the bathroom bill as THE issue.

    Furthermore, the LGBT community did not bargain for the popular revolt that is taking place in both parties. As Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is purported to have said after they bombed Pearl Harbor, ” I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”. The American people have found their backbones, and their mouths, and they will not be made still. When we were lobbying against this bill, it was a quiet issue. The other side wanted it that way. Now the door has been opened and moms and dads know what the other side wants. They want no rules, everything goes. But the America people will not go down without fighting because it is for their little girls and boys they are fighting. Since most of the GLBT community are not parents, they do not quite grasp the intensity and resolve of the fight. In the end, as John Paul ll so famously said in the 90’s, ” the fight is about the familiy” and God help those who fight against it.

  • Baker is a lot like Scott Brown: courted the conservatives to get elected, then worked against them.

    Baker always said he was a liberal, but he also courted Conservative Chanel Prunier and things got arranged so that she gave him a rousing nomination speech at his coronation convention. After that deed was done, he began steps to discard oher and other conservatives like used ……

    If Baker continues doing what he’s doing, and signs onto the bathroom bill the way it is currently proposed, many conservatives will blank him; Liberals will treat him the same way they did when he first ran with Tisei.

    Mass. voters will ensure that if he signs onto the Bathroom bill, he’ll be like Scott Brown: “one and done.”

    • Jim Gettens

      November 2018 ‘Day-After’ Headline: “Baker Pissed Into Political Headwind, Gets Flushed!”
      Sub-Text: “Polito Was Using State House Men’s Urinals To Water Her Potted Plants–Career Plans Now Uncertain.”

  • Patricia Doherty

    And just so that people do not think I was getting involved in high drama with my last paragraph, I copy the link to Peggy Noonan’s column regarding the mess we are in. This is not the new normal, this is the new abnormal.

  • Sylvester

    Lonnie hit the nail on the head. Brown and Baker are like “Blood Brothers” they used the conservatives to get elected and then they stick it to them…….Conservatives are already stating they will not vote for Baker AGAIN…… “BLANK BAKER IN 18″ seems to be coming up in conversations among conservatives. If Charlie gives into the Bathroom Bill…….. Voters will blank the ballot for Governor. ” Sorry Charlie” If you are a Republican then you stand for the values that the Republican Party has always stood. You don’t then then the voters will vote you out of office.

  • rockinrandall

    I was talking to a liberal democrat on Friday and asked him about the bathroom bill. He said it is ridiculous and that it would be a mistake for Baker to not veto this law.

    I truly believe that Charlie Baker is living in an echo chamber and the only ones inside that chamber with him is the progressive sickos from the Boston Globe.

    I pray at night that a decent and moral human being will put them self forward to run against him in 2018.

    If not, I’ll be forced to blank him in the primary and vote for the Democrat in the general.

    Charlie, this bill is not about rights and it has nothing to do with Gay Rights, so voting against it should not offend your homosexual brother.

    Sign this bill into law at your own peril.

  • Tony Ventresca

    I do not like the word trans gendered. It is the left changing or making up a word. the word gender is about diagramming sentences and dangling participles, not the sex of a species.
    The MAGOP for some reason runs the party based on what the POS worthless Boston Globe thinks. I do not care, nor do I care to run my party based on what someone else thinks from the commie left. Baker and the rest don’t like to say this, but the party platform changes that were adopted by the MA GOP were voted on and 57 out of 80 people supported them whole heartedly. They reflected more of the National Party Platform. Plus, let’s not forget that there is a book called the Naked Communist. It came out in 1957. In it it has an agenda with 45 items on it to help bring about communism to the USA. One of those agenda items is for the left to get onto the homosexual movement so it helps bring about the end of Capitalism. It was said that America will never become communist unless, you destroy its Family values, its fundamental christian morality, and its patriotism. The 45 agenda items are designed to do just that. BY the way the 45 agenda items were read into the US Congressional record in 1963 by a Florida Congressman.

  • Robert Cappucci

    The excellent commentary already offered above by Brian, Lonnie, Patricia and Tony V. can hardly be expanded upon. It’s obvious that no matter what I would say, or others, really isn’t going to change the way Governor Baker and other establishment moderate “Republicans” see things as far any social issue goes. They will continue to be “further to the left” on these issues and when any conservatives speak up and out sharing our opinions we will be denigrated, chastised, smeared, and have our comments twisted. Or, worse, as we saw when former MASS GOP Chair, Jenn Nassour, did an interview with “Bay Windows” to purposefully poke her finger in the eyes of social conservatives in the GOP. It’s a shame. A gosh darn shame.

  • Jim Gettens

    Charles D. Baker, Jr., Corner Office Invertebrate…


  • John DiMascio

    I demand that all public restrooms have litter boxes and fire hydrants just in case someone identifies as car or dog

  • Impeach or re call rino Governor Charlie Baker. He ran as a rebublican but leads as a Liberal. He lied to the people of the State. Governor Baker is no Republican.