Who is Keiko Orall?

So exactly who is Keiko Orall?


She is a candidate for National Committee Woman and in her announcement for this office she states

Today, I’m announcing my candidacy for MassGOP National Committeewoman. I have the experience and leadership to grow the Republican party from the grassroots up. Please ask your state committee members to vote for me on April 5. Thank you!

No details about what experience she has and what she has accomplished as a leader.

So there is more on her facebook feed.

Joining Governor Baker in support of these great candidates for Republican State Committee on Tuesday, March1! This is an important committee and I hope that we will continue to work for a Republican party that is focused on helping Republicans up and down the ticket. From grassroots initiatives to those serving in public office we see that what is most important is building a winning team.

This is very contradictory. She is going to”grow the Republican party from the grassroots up”, yet she opposed grassroots people when she endorsed the Baker approved candidates.
Anyone care to rectify these obvious contradictions for me.

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