One no-so-smart Bushie: Trump can’t hold a candle to Clinton on foreign policy

The great Republican crack-up continues with neo-conservatives thinking that Hillary is a safer option than you-know-who.

Hillary and the Obamacons torched Northern Africa, failed to reset with Russia and have made a mess of Syria. The American brand is tarnished beyond the Bush years and into the Obama ones.  But have a candidate like Trump back off the mindless interventionism and the foreign policy cabal lurches toward the former Secretary of State. Have these people no shame?

If you care about that bucket of social issues, pro-life, what not, you can’t make the leap to Hillary Clinton, Nicolle Wallace, who served as President George W. Bush’s communications chief and a senior adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008, told MSNBC in an interview Wednesday morning. But if foreign policy is how you vote, if that is your central concern, if counter-terrorism is what worries you, how do you not consider Hillary Clinton in November? she added. Earlier in the program, Wallace said the conversations happening in private with Republican consultants is that if you are not a social conservative, there is less and less rationale for hardened opposition to Hillary Clinton.

Source: ‘Consider Clinton,’ former Bush official tells hawkish Republicans

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