TOM MCCUIN: Another Shootout in a Lifeboat

ICYMI: Another Shootout in a Lifeboat by Tom McCuin
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Tom McGuin

An open letter to Gov. Charlie Baker, and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, and the entire Massachusetts Republican Party:
Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.
Likewise, every political party gets the leadership it deserves. I haven’t publicly discussed most of what I now discuss here, but given recent developments, I must speak up.
At the turn of the century, when people were running from the party structure like it carried the plague, its finances were in ruin, and its staff banished to Wakefield, I begged for a job on the staff. I had spent the previous year helping John McCain win in New Hampshire, trying (spectacularly unsuccessfully) to make Jack Robinson a better candidate, and rescuing the reelection campaign of Bob Hargraves. I wanted to help make the MassGOP healthy again.
Why do I tell you this now? Because I cannot sit quietly while the party structure engages in another circular firing squad and seeks to push out the one person who nearly every successful Republican candidate in Massachusetts for the last 15 years owes a debt of gratitude.
The State Committee will soon choose the man and woman to represent the state on the Republican National Committee. Ron Kaufman will deservedly return for another term. But there is a movement, which I’m told comes from the top, to replace Chanel. I can’t sit still for that.

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  • You do know a shootout requires two parties right?

    • rockinrandall

      I was in this shit hole pizza place in Brockton with my friend and I got into a shootout Dave. These punks came in thinking they were going to purge the joint of anyone that didn’t think like them 100% of the time. They didn’t care that we agreed with each other 80% of the time, they just wanted the restaurant ALL to themselves, even though we had been volunteering working the ovens all our lives…

      They pull their gats and started shooting, so we shot back. We go out of there mostly intact. The punks were claiming victory of course, but we know better, don’t we Dave.

      Would you rather we just lay down and die like cowards?
      Do you want us to walk around unstrapped?

      Not going to happen.

      We were here before the punk showed up and we’ll be here after.

      Politics is no different Dave and we didn’t start this fight. We only defended ourselves.

      BTW, did you see the video with Kaufman plotting to steal the election that was on Showtime?

      I think it is obvious now who that bad guys are.

      Rock-on Randall.