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    I’ll start and get the ball rolling. I got destroyed (1st Hampden and Hampshire) in a 3-way. It was glorious.

  • I have some scattershot wins and loses.

    Lost: Ed McGrath, Bill Gillmeister, Marylou Daxland, Bonnie Johnson, Ron Beatty, David D’Arcangelo, Linda Zuern.

    Won: Reed Hillman, Janet Leombruno, Robert Aufiero, Caroline Colarusso, Sean Harrington, Fran Manzelli, Barbara McCoy.

  • Paul

    Since the title of this post is “State Committee Election Results”. Would it not be helpful to include some actual results? Or is that too much to expect?

    • Alex Sherman

      the post clearly asks “Who won? Who lost?”. It’s all I expected for easier reading.

  • 2nd Plymouth and Bristol winners are Jean Falcone and Gordon Andrews.

  • I wonder if the conservatives were handed their butts if we will hear about it on the new Red Mass?

    BTW, waiting all day to have my comments moderated is a little insulting…

  • Meagan

    It looks like Charlie Baker’s candidates, Norman Orrall and Nancy Stanton-Cross, won in the 1st Bristol and Plymouth District.

  • So, there must be hundreds of posts from all the conservative victors waiting to be approved…

    We should be able to read them about 1600h on Thursday.

  • Dan ENsminger

    In the 5th Middlesex State Senate District, activist candidates Caroline Colarusso and Rob Aufiero handily defeated Baker’s anointed candidates Alice Shattuck and David D’Arcangelo. Better yet, Caroline and Rob are replacing two retiring RINOs!

  • right wing

    history in the commonwealth last night.

    the first women combat veteran was elected to office.

    mary Gallagher was elected to the republican state committee from the
    Norfolk/Suffolk district.well done mary !

  • Patty Locke

    I won my district by 1047 votes
    Locke Sundstrom
    Braintree 544 748
    Milton 547 1506
    Canton 1086 1049
    Stoughton 1381 739
    Randolph 649 616
    Avon 274 164
    Sharon 321 198
    Easton 1306 417
    East Bridgewater 234 124
    West Bridgewater 603 337
    6945 5898

  • 1st Middlesex winners – Dennis Galvin and Rep. Sheila Harrington

  • Jim Gettens
    • Jim, we’ll see who the ultimate victors are when they elect the National Committee people.

      The change will be very telling…

      • Jim Gettens

        “BrocktonDave,” whoever you are: why would Baker-Polito and their RINO sock puppets want to jettison Ron “Chocolate Pants” Kaufman or Chanel Prunier? They are both the ultimate MassGOP inside-baseball game players, notwithstanding the fact that Chanel, who belongs to pro-life and pro-traditional marriage organizations, always subordinates her so-called social conservative ‘principles’ and toes the MassGOP line whenever push comes to shove?

        Oh, and didn’t you like Howie Carr’s reference to the Baker-Polito taxpayer-funded state employee hackarama, now personified in part on the State Committee, in essence being no different than Devoid Patrick’s??? A little sensitive about fraud, waste, or abuse perpetrated by fellow RINOs, are we???

        • do a little Google-fu, you’l; know exactly who I am.

          And as for Chanel… just take a look at today’s news.