Ron Kaufman Announces for National Committeeman


It has been my great honor to serve as your National Committeeman for Massachusetts. Since I first reached out to all of you letting you know of my intention to stand for re-election, I have had the pleasure of talking to so many of you about the future of our Massachusetts Republican Party. And through those conversations, I’ve been humbled by your support. It’s very exciting for me to announce the support of 43 members of our State Committee – members both new and returning – along with so many of our elected officials including Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito.

My pledge to them and to you is to work hard to build our Party. Together we can unify the State Committee, and make the next four years great. We are in an exciting time here in the Commonwealth and nationally, and there is a lot of work to be done. I look forward to working with you to ensure we strengthen our RTCs and RCCs, recruit quality candidates and get them the access to all of the data and technology they need to win.

I look forward to working for each vote and am happy to announce members who have pledged support so far.

Amy Carnevale Janet Fogarty Kristina Spillane Norman Orrall Susan Smiley
Angela Davis Janet Leombruno Lindsay Valanzola Patricia Saint Aubin Thomas Stanton
Barbara McCoy Jeanie Falcone Lisa Barstow Paul Ronukaitus Vinny deMacedo
Brent Andersen Jeanne Kangas Luke Noble Reed Hillman
Brock Cordeiro Jill Ussach Mark Townsend Robin Almgren
Chris Walton John Andrulis Mary Gallagher Ryan Chamberland
Dominick Ianno Judy Crocker Matthew Sisk William McKinney
Francis Manzelli Kathleen Dewey Mike Case Shaun Toohey
Gordon Andrews Kimberly Palmer Mindy McKenzie-Herbert Sheila Harrington
Greg Casey Kimberly Roy Nancy Stanton-Cross Stephen Zykofsky

While I have not yet talked to many of you I look forward to doing so soon and want very much to have your thoughts and ideas on how we can work together to make Massachusetts bright red. Please feel free to call with any questions any time.

I apologize for sending out this partial list before I talked to you all. But many of those listed, wanted this out this weekend.

Again to All Thanks,


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  • Jim Gettens

    Dear “Chocolate Pants”: Please step aside and spend more time with Bill Weld playing cards and drinking “amber-colored liquid”…

    • right wing

      usually don’t agree with mr.gettens however
      kaufman has been at this way too long.

      most of the democrats at the federal level have been
      going unchallenged for years.the job of the rnc representative is
      to recruit challengers to these democrats
      and make them stay in the commonwealth and explain their votes.

    • Jon Hite

      Grow up, Jim.

      • Jim Gettens

        Jon, you know how heroic Ron Kaufman got the nickname, right? The investigating police officer at the scene noted in his report that Ron Kaufman’s pants had a brown stain. I guess with the excitement and all Ron couldn’t quite contain himself…

  • Jim Gettens

    Oh, lest we forget, Ron Kaufman was a lobbyist for the late Venezuelan Commie, Hugo Chavez. See:

    Money talks and bullshit walks–time to take a long walk, Chocolate Pants!

    • If only we had a national committee man with productive experience in the Dreaded Private Sector, rather than one who has spent his adult life in the cocoon of politics, lobbying and government.

  • Will Kaufman support Trump if he is the nominee?

    • I doubt it… but you knew that already, right? 😉