Ron Kaufman on CNN – 3/19/16 – “GOP Establishment on Trump phenomenon”

     Thought you would be interested in seeing a clip from CNN this morning, where we discussed the current race for the Republican nomination. As I explain in the clip, we are currently in a historic nominating process, with more Americans having come out and voted for a Republican Canidate than ever before in history.
     Between all of our candidates, we have had greater excitement, greater turnout and a more engaged party than ever before. And in addition, our debates have attracted more viewership than in any previous primary. In total we have had close to 150 million more people watch our debates than the Democrats. I am thrilled to see all of this excitement in the country for the Republican nominees, and what it will mean for the entire ticket this November.
     On CNN this morning, I said that I firmly believe that the process must be fair and equitable to all candidates. It is an exciting time, with lots of voters engaged and excited and we all have an obligation to allow the process to play out.
     At this point in time one of our candidates, Donald Trump, may very well be on the track to getting more votes than any person in primary history. No matter how this all plays out, one thing is for certain, I am personally deeply committed to upholding all of the rules of the RNC and the convention.
     We must ensure all of our candidates are treated fairly, and our voters, new and old alike, feel that their vote matters.
     I fully look forward to all of us together, rallying behind the eventual nominee so we can take back the White House, keep our House and Senate majorities, and make sure the next Supreme Court Justice is in the mold of the great Justice Scalia, someone who will fight to uphold our Constitution and freedoms.
     Stay in touch, and as always let me know if I can help.
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Please see clip below:

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