Not so puzzled by Trump 

Donald Trump barged into the middle of the living room of the conservative movement with the angry grassroots. Depending on one’s point of view, he has become a monumental problem.

There are many pieces these days on who created Donald Trump. The ridiculous ones imply that it’s all Obama’s fault. The Democrats’ analysis is even less appealing.

Donald Devine, Reaganite supreme, doesn’t like what he sees. But in a robust critical fashion, he certainly understands the emergence of a nasty, reckless man on the ground held and sustained intellectually and politically by Buckley-Goldwater-Reagan.

This much is clear: The Donald is bringing  a close to the Reagan era.  Reagan sunniness yields to Trump braggadocio.

So when a Donald Trump comes along and is angry using the same catchphrases, why not support him? He was a celebrity par excellence and no one told ordinary conservatives what the mantras mean. So the uninformed and the inert rose to support him. Trump likes big government programs and might even increase entitlements as they near bankruptcy? Obamacare is not all that bad? He likes Planned Parenthood although they sell fetus parts? Free trade is not all it is cracked up to be? He wants more power for the president?

Who cares? He is angry against the right bad guys and he knows enough slogans to get by.

For the conservative movement, rage is not a tactic.


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