MassHouseGOP – Supporting Rep. Keiko Orrall for National Committeewoman

Dear Republican State Committee Members,

Congratulations on your election to the governing body of our party.  As members of the Republican caucus on Beacon Hill, we look forward to working with you over the next four years to grow our party’s grassroots, and to elect more Republicans at every level of Government.  To accomplish these goals, we need strong leaders and advocates on the Republican National Committee.

With this in mind, we are pleased to join Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito in endorsing one of our most dedicated and passionate colleagues, State Representative Keiko Orrall (R-Lakeville), to be the next National Committeewoman for the Massachusetts Republican Party.  We ask you to join us in supporting Keiko at the state committee organizational meeting on April 5.

Many of you know Keiko from her years of involvement in our party.  She served on the local level as an activist and an elected member of the Lakeville Finance Committee, and now serves at the state level as a member of the Massachusetts General Court.

Keiko represents the 12th Bristol District, a traditional stronghold of the Democrat party.  She saw an opportunity to serve her community when the Democrat incumbent resigned in 2011.  Always ready for a challenge, Keiko ran a tremendous special election campaign, and flipped the seat to Republican.  In doing so, Keiko became the first Asian-American woman in the history of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  Keiko then successfully defended her seat in the tough 2012 presidential election year.

Since coming to Beacon Hill, Keiko has held true to her conservative principles.  She is a fierce advocate for fiscal discipline, earning a 100% rating from the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.  Massachusetts Citizens for Life gave Keiko a perfect rating in her support for the right to life.  A strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, Keiko has an A+ rating from the Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League (GOAL).  Finally, Keiko has a 100% rating from the Citizens for Limited Taxation.  As a mother and former public school teacher, Keiko knows the importance of local control over education and has been a passionate opponent of PARCC and Common Core.

This is a transformational moment for our party.  In 2014, we elected a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor, and grew our ranks by electing 11 freshmen to Beacon Hill.  We need to continue this progress in 2016, while also building a strong Republican National Committee that will keep control of Congress and retake the White House.  We firmly believe Keiko is the best candidate to accomplish these goals, and we ask you to join us in supporting her for Republican National Committeewoman.


Leader Brad Jones
Kim Ferguson
David Muradian
Brad Hill
Paul Frost
Matt Muratore
Betty Poirier
Susan Gifford
Todd Smola
Jay Barrows
Sheila Harrington
David Vieira
Donnie Berthiaume
Steve Howitt
Tim Whelan
Kate Campanale
Hannah Kane
Susannah Whipps Lee
Angelo D’Emilia
Jim Kelcourse
Donald Wong
Shawn Dooley
Lenny Mirra

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  • Jim Gettens

    Yep, Brad “The Toad” Jones, who’s up the “unindicted co-conspirator” Robert A. DeLeo’s butt [See indictment/charges in Federal prosecution of Massachusetts Probation and Court Officer Hiring Scandal], and who would never oppose anything The Boston Globe desires, wants to “grow our party’s grassroots” alright…

    Since you’re on the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Dept. payroll, you gotta put a plug in for the the Merry Band that votes on your patronage position pay and benefits, right Brock?

    • Wow Jim another insightful comment! I thought BC law would have educated you a bit more then to waste so much time with such a useless comment.

      • Jim Gettens

        Useless from your self-serving political operative’s/marketer’s/lobbyist’s [Purple Solutions-New England employee’s] perspective, right EJ? How does it feel to be a mindless MassGOP tool bereft of Core Values?

        By the way, are you related to Shawn Dooley? Looks like he has at least one challenger this election cycle…

  • rockinrandall

    I can see a lot of Republican Primaries from my house

  • Sylvester

    Keiko is a conservative on paper only. She is lead around by the establishment. The list of endorsements is the “Who’s Who” of the Establishment. This is Baker trying to take control of the State Committee. Lets get real here…….How is Keiko going to have time to do both jobs???? Or is Norman her husband who is another Baker puppet going to pick up the slack????

    The Conservatives should have one person on the Executive Board of the State Committee. Chanel has proved over the past few years that she has done a great job. Why change now.

  • toms184

    As a former chairman of the Taunton Republican City Committee, part of which is in Keiko’s district, I can tell you that I had far more contact with Chanel Prunier about grassroots organizing and supporting candidates. Chanel has earned her place as the National Committeewoman through all of her hard work in growing the party. No one has worked harder and for so long to grow the once dead Republican Party in MA. She deserves to be re-elected.