MassGOP Sheriffs Endorse National Committeeman Ron Kaufman

Dear Massachusetts Republican State Committee Members,

Let us start by thanking each and everyone of you for all of your hard work on behalf of our Party and your elected officials here in the Commonwealth. We know it’s because of your support and hard work at the grassroots levels that we are in a position to serve our communities and counties and Sheriffs.

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our full support for another elected official who has proudly served our Party and our Commonwealth for decades – Ron Kaufman. Ron has been a friend and advocate for us in Washington DC and beyond and we whole heartily endorse his reelection as our Republican National Committeeman. Each of us has known Ron for years, and he has always been an extraordinary representative and asset to our Party.

As Sheriffs, we work at both the federal and state level and each of us has seen Ron’s unique ability to connect and integrate the National Republican Party resources with those running for elected office here in the Commonwealth. We have always had an advocate in Ron at the federal level in assisting us as we grapple with the reality of serving in a blue state like Massachusetts and having a Congressional Delegation bereft of Republican representation.

In closing, we can endorse Ron without any hesitation. He has been faithful, hardworking, and loyal to the Republican Party and to many of us personally. We support his reelection to the Republican National Committee and urge each of you to do the same on April 5. Thank you for your consideration.


Sheriff Cousins
Sheriff Cummings
Sheriff Evangelidis
Sheriff Hodgson
Sheriff McDonald

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  • rockinrandall

    How far up Kaufman’s butt is Brock?

    And isn’t it nice how Law Enforcement officials are backing a man that was a lobbyist for a violent dictator, Hugo Chavez.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but you are nothing more than politicians so we know that won’t happen because it would require that you have a soul.

    • Jim Gettens

      Excellent question. Probably so far up only his shoe soles are showing. But Brock is up his boss Sheriff Hodgson’s butt, too [See ], and Sheriff Hodgson, in turn, is up
      “Chocolate Pants” Kaufman’s butt.

      How ironic–the MassGOP Sheriffs are backing DUI offender “Chocolate Pants” Kaufman, he of the consumed “amber liquid” served by none other than his then-host, then-Gov.William Weld. Have they no shame???

      Here’s a question for EJ Dooley, who knows everything and has a wealth of personal experience–How many butts does one have to be up to be a MassGOP player like you, EJ???

  • Rino Ron Kaufman George HW Bush’s tool boy needs to be kicked out of that office. What went on at the last election of the state committee was right out of the Kaufman Playbook and it completely tore our Republican party in Massachusetts apart. He should be thrown out as state committeeman. Ron Kaufman is about as Republican as Hillary Rodham Clinton. Wake up people why don’t we put some true conservatives in. Instead of these Democrat liberals disguising themselves as Republicans. Oh and another thing Keiko is not a true conservative either. She is just another tool in the baker polito Kaufman George HW Bush Rino machine.