Stopa: Support Keiko Orrall for National Committeewoman


I really don’t know any Republican office holder or Party operative in Massachusetts whom I respect as much as I respect Keiko Orrall. And I can’t think of any one whom I like as much as I like Keiko, either. So when she called me to tell me she was standing for National Committeewoman my only serious question was: “how can I help?”

The thing I like most about Keiko is that she is just really smart. She seems to be perpetually observing and synthesizing and planning. Indeed talking to Keiko can be a little exhausting because she always seems to be reading two layers deeper than what you are saying. When you’ve got Keiko’s attention, you’ve got a whole lot. And what Keiko is synthesizing and planning is usually how to make Massachusetts a better place and how to make it a more conservative place.

The second thing I like about Keiko is that she is a straight shooter. I don’t need to remind anyone here that politics in Massachusetts is no cookie baking contest – and that is particularly true of politics in the Republican Party. (To paraphrase Wallace Stanley Sayre: the reason Massachusetts Republican Party politics is so bitter is because the stakes are so low). So in this environment it is a relief to find an oasis of integrity. In addition to being honest and her word being trustworthy, part of Keiko’s integrity stems from the fact that she makes decisions for herself rather than relying on some perception of how her decision is going to look to other people. This is a rather astonishing trait for a politician.

That Keiko is a nonstop fireball of energy is by now legendary in the Commonwealth. Forget talking to her. Even following Keiko on Facebook is exhausting. I am actually convinced that there are at least three of her running around.

In all seriousness, I think that Keiko could easily be Governor of the Commonwealth someday. I would campaign for her in a heartbeat.

I would like to end my endorsement right there but I feel like I have to comment on the Battle Royale that is playing out in Massachusetts Republican circles these days, by which I mean of course the battle between the “establishment and the activists.” I know that that really doesn’t fully capture the character of the two armies, but I think we all know who is on which team if I use those words.

I have great respect and admiration for people on both sides of this debate and that includes notably my regard for Channel Prunier and Steve Aylward and for Charlie Baker and Betty Poirier (just to list the first few names that pop to mind). On the other hand, there are people on both sides for whom I have little or no respect at all.

Both sides.

(No doubt they feel the same way about me).

My cartoon level understanding of all this fighting (and I am happy to hear differently if I am misinformed) is that the issue is whether and to what degree the Party should push social conservative values in its platform, etc. For the record, I am pro-choice (with caveats) and opposed to gay marriage (with caveats). So I believe I am, in the technical political science jargon, a “Squish.”

But while I know very little about politics (as I think I have amply demonstrated in my two runs for Congress) I do know one thing. And that is this. We all live in Massachusetts and not in Idaho or Oklahoma. Try eating a Massachusetts potato or cow if you aren’t convinced. We are the home of Tip “the government programs that made America great” O’Neill and Ted “Robert Bork’s America” Kennedy. We’ve got Liz “you didn’t build that” Warren and Ed “how much more empty can a seat get?” Markey. And we’ve crept through eight years of a Patrick Administration whose destructiveness was only limited by its ineptness.

We now have the infamous corner office with windows on two sides of the room. It has two competing and yet complementary viewpoints. We should do what we can to keep the office and both of its perspectives.

Just my diatribe.

But in the meantime (sorry I left you hanging there for a minute, Keiko), you can believe that Keiko Orrall will be not only clever and powerful as National Committeewoman – she will also be fair.

I know the lines of the State Committee Persons are drawn. I have no idea who is still out there in no-man’s land. But if you are there, I advocate you vote for Keiko.

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  • Jim Gettens

    The Orralls are now beholden to Charles D. Baker, Jr. to the tune of $110,000 per annum plus benefits, and Keiko votes on the budget to line the family pockets. Nice! No margin for backscratching, log-rolling, fingernail-pulling, or influence peddling here. Nothing to see here folks, just move along now…

    • you mean Governor Baker is trying to replace the person who mounted a failed coup?!

      Say it ain’t so!!

      • Dave, seriously, a “failed Coup”? Where do you come up with this stuff?

        • Jack Reacher novels…

          • Seriously though Paul.

            I try not to take the state committee too seriously anymore.

            The conservative base has been trying to strike out for years. But they aren’t politicking, they are being ham handed about the whole thing. There are a bunch of “establishment” folks who identify with a lot the conservative side believes in, but the conservative side is only interested in setting up firing squads for anyone who doesn’t agree with single planks in the platform.

            Then, the conservative side cries foul when the establishment mounts a counter campaign and ends up with a majority.

            But who am I right?

            We’ll see who won the battle when the contests for National Commitee is done.

        • Jim Gettens

          Fighting off Charles D. Baker, Jr.’s treacherous betrayal would be an accurate description.

    • CDPLakeville

      What a joke, linking the paper boy of the No. 2 paper in Boston that endorsed Krispy Kreme Christy. Which doesn’t say much since the No.1 paper is the boring broad sheet on Morrisey Blvd. Here is a guy who does investigative reporting on Facebook. How are them sour pickles?
      He and you know nothing of the Orralls. They are conservative, pro-life, pro guns, pro traditional marriage, anti Common Core, etc. RINOs they are not and they bow down to worship Charlie Baker. With all of his liberal faults, he is actually a man who works on Bacon Hill and can get things done. Mr. Orrall was hired after 25 years in the dreaded private sector as a civil engineer supervisor and was hired as a… wait for it… a civil engineer supervisor. And, he is kicking public sector butt. He makes them work and actually account for their hours and what projects they are working on. He himself actually worked on primary day. Say what you want, but neither Orrals are “beholden” to Baker.
      Also, the former Fat Boy was surprised his anti-establishment ad was being used as a robo-cal (Hello, my name is Howie Carr…) when a caller to his show asked him about it. Maybe his handler didn’t tell him, but I bet he got paid for doing it anyway.

  • right wing

    can a elected official hold two offices at once ?

    most people elected to office usually have a small business
    to supplement their income.

    the rnc post is non-paying which may allow the person to hold dual office’s.

    is chanel prunier not running ?
    if she is running why has no one stepped up to run against kaufman ?

    • I dearly wish someone would run against Kaufman.

    • Because Ron Kaufman has the endorsement now of a vast majority (48 or 50 last I checked) of the committee. And Ron is awesome!

      • right wing

        last I checked there are 80 people on the state committee.

        that leaves 30 votes available to a challenger to

        as for Ronny’s awesomeness I am not star struck
        only interested in results.

  • Will Keiko support Trump if he is the nominee?

    • Keiko assures me that she will support whoever the Republican nominee is. Full stop. She is not in favor of Trump but recognizes the 49% of MA Republican ballot pullers do and that it is nuts to try to back some third part candidate if Trump wins. I respect her that she has her own choice but that she will not suicide bomb the party. Cut her some slack, guys!

  • rockinrandall

    Keiko Orall was against Common Core, then Baker hired PARC testing exec to head up DSEE.

    She is a traitor to the school children of Massachusetts.
    She NOW has NO integrity.
    That makes her perfect as the Baker pick.

  • CDPLakeville

    She is still and ALWAYS will be against Common Core and PARCC. Stop the lies. Baker hired him, she had NOTHING to do with it.

    • It’s not that easy. Recall that Karyn Polito changed all kinds of things after Baker tapped her.

      “I am extremely proud of my nearly perfect ratings from NARAL, and consistent support of provisions like the buffer zone and women’s access to contraceptive care,” Polito said in a statement. “With respect to this 2003 legislation, I no longer support this approach and regret being associated with it. As lieutenant governor I will not waiver in my support for choice and women’s healthcare access.”

      Baker’s campaign said Baker also opposes a “right to know” law.

      Keiko needs to reiterate her positions.

      Orrall identified herself in Belanger’s questionnaire as a social conservative, a supporter of traditional family values, and an opponent of same-sex “marriage,” abortion, and taxpayer funding of abortion.

      • CDPLakeville

        She has reiterated her positions. Just ask her.

  • Jim Gettens
    • CDPLakeville

      So the Dremel master attack pug Howie Carr of Wellesley by way of Portland ME who got his paperboy job as a hack has fallen off the pickle wagon again. He and oh so many others have yet to give one legitimate reason to oppose the Orralls and their conservative, Republican positions and cannot get over the fact that Charlie Baker, a RINO, actually would hire or support individuals who work hard for a living or serve tirelessly in their district. You can ask any of Keiko’s constituents. I being one of them. Better yet, ask her, yourself. She answers phone calls and answers e-mails, unlike all my other past “representatives.”. You can even drop my name and you might get a quicker response. 😉

  • Patricia Doherty

    The issue is decency. Chanel ran Keiko’s special election campaign. Without Chanel’s activists going door to door, making calls and a general GOTV, there would be no Rep Keiko. I know because I was there along with Christen Varley, Christen Greve, state committee man Robert Cappuccii, Daniel Grayton, and many many others. When asked to run for National Committeewoman against Chanel, the only common decency answer in this situation is “I appreciate you thinking of me, but I can not run against the woman who is responsible for my state rep seat”. It might also have been smart to add even if to one’s self “and I do not want the reputation of being a Judas, Brutus or Benedict Arnold”. Sometimes no is the only respectable answer.

    • Deborah A. Furtado

      The issue is decency for sure. Keiko has also been changing her position about ending common core. She was in favor of ending common core and now she is beholden to Governor Baker and is turning her back on the children of Massachusetts. Don’t vote for her now or ever.

  • TermLimits

    Mike, I couldn’t have been more shocked seeing this come from you, but I do understand how hard it is to see the nuances of what is really going on behind the scenes, so let me spell it out:

    You said “in quotes”, I respond in CAPS: “The thing I like most about Keiko is that she is just really smart.” I CONCUR! ” She seems to be perpetually observing and synthesizing and planning. Indeed talking to Keiko can be a little exhausting because she always seems to be reading two layers deeper than what you are saying.” THAT’S FOR SURE! “When you’ve got Keiko’s attention, you’ve got a whole lot. And what Keiko is synthesizing and planning is usually how to make Massachusetts a better place and how to make it a more conservative place.” I COULDN’T DISAGREE MORE. PERHAPS MY EARLIEST OBSERVATION OF HER WILL ENLIGHTEN YOU AND PUT INTO CONTEXT HER “perpetually observing and synthesizing and planning”:

    Keiko Orrall’s true colors came out early on. At a function at ‘the barn’ when some of the hardest working grassroot people were congregated, euphoric that we had picked up a seat for Leah Cole, (that worked out well), Keiko was working the crowd. She was coyly dodging being in any pictures with Jim Lyons, making jokes she couldn’t be seen with the bad guys. When finally someone got a picture of her with Jim, she literally went over to the person who took it and asked that they crop her out of the photo. Then I overheard her explaining to a by stander how she couldn’t be seen with him, and asked for their understanding because it wouldn’t be good for Brad Jone’s people to see her hanging with this crowd.

    She wasn’t playing both sides. She is a traitor of the highest order to both. Not of the conservatives or grassroots, but of ALL the people of Massachusetts. Everything she does is orchestrated to most achieve her and her husband’s upward mobility and “We the people” are being used toward that end. She represents the lowest form of a political hack, i.e., in it exclusively for their own self gain. With no moral compass or concern for her constituents, let us hope that we can help people to see this. It will take a lot of work. She has worked hard to effectively position herself so that she can rise at our expense, and to our detriment.

    I think back on the days when Karen Polito was one of our best State Reps. My oh my how Charlie is changing things. Such a betrayal.

    • There would appear to be one factual claim in your letter, namely that Keiko did not want
      to be in a picture with Jim Lyons. Ergo she is a “traitor of the highest order.”

      That’s it?