Keiko Orrall for MassGOP: Endorsements


I’m proud to announce that I have received public endorsements from the majority of the 80 members of the Republican State Committee.  I will continue to work to earn every committee member’s vote ahead of the election on April 5, and look forward to serving as your representative on the Republican National Committee. Please click here to add your name to my list of supporters!

Robin Almgren Janet Fogarty Joyce Paul
Brent Andersen Mary Gallagher Kim Roy
Gordon Andrews Rep. Sheila Harrington Matthew Sisk
Lisa Barstow Reed Hillman Sue Smiley
Barbara Bush Dominick Ianno Kristina Spillane
Amy Carnevale Janet Leombruno Tom Stanton
Mike Case Jeanne Kangas Nancy Stanton-Cross
Greg Casey Fran Manzelli Shaun Toohey
Ryan Chamberland Barbara McCoy Mark Townsend
Brock Cordeiro Mindy McKenzie-Hebert Jill Ussach
Judy Crocker Bill McKinney Lindsay Valanzola
Angela Davis Carl Nelson Chris Walton
Kathleen Dewey Norman Orrall Steve Zykofsky
Jeanne Falcone Kim Palmer

About Brock N. Cordeiro

  • Will Keiko support Trump if he is the nominee?

  • RBaker

    Why is the MassGOP State Committee meeting on April 5th? This is within the 10 day period when Town Committees need to organize. Every MassGOP committee person should be attending multiple town committee meetings that night rather than attending a State Committee meeting.

    • Patty Locke

      It is also within the 10 day period that the State Committee needs to organize.

  • Jim Gettens

    Not surprised that Brock Cordeiro endorsed Keiko Orrall. Both have significant personal/family disincentives toward fiscal restraint. See:

    Nice racket they’ve got going. We taxpayers in the “dreaded private sector” are paying for it.

    • You have yet to post one helpful, insightful, or productive comment here. Maybe it’s time to go back to Iron Mike’s Rabies Republican Blog.

      • Jim Gettens

        Get back to me when you start shaving.

        • Lonnie Brennan

          Laughing out loud. Love it!

        • Says the guy who’s never won an election (really? Couldn’t even get 40% in a wave year? Must have been a bad candidate), is a terrible lawyer (Google shows most of your cases are dismissed) and who’s past clients call him crazy. Yeah, I think I’ll take my boyishly good looks, winning record, and job running a $25′ SuperPAC any day of the week.

          Again, try posting something substantive. For once.

    • TermLimits

      WOW. That’s all I can say.

  • Jim Gettens

    You can scratch Carl Nelson–he lost the race.

  • keiko Orrall wants to rebuild the republican party from the grass roots level up. That sounds like a great idea if her intentions were honest. But she is a member of the Baker, Polio, Kaufman rhino gang that said they believed in a big tent back in 2010. Well it seems in 2016 we found out what they meant by a big tent. A tent that is filled with only rhinos who they hand pic to follow their orders and not get in the way of the twisted agenda they stand for. These democrats in disguise are destroying our party the republican party is not their party it is our party the true conservatives the moral and fiscal conservatives. President Ronald Reagan said ” It would make no sense to hand over our conservative party to the other side who are disguised as republicans, we’re in the war and we must stick to our principles and not let these rhinos who have hijacked the republican name go any further we must draw a line in the sand that they can not cross”. We have seen what they’ve done and what they can do from the last election of the state committee only endorsing and paying for there rino establishment candidates. We will take our party back, It is our republican party not theirs. We also understand what they ment by a big tent in 2010. They have shown us in 2016 that their big tent is filled with only the chosen people they pick who will not get in their way and follow there miss guided sickening rhino democrat liberal agenda.

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