It’s the Immigration, Stupid!

In today’s edition of the online conservative community blog “Ricochet,” I have a post describing why I think the issue of immigration and illegal aliens is really at the heart of the success of Donald Trump’s campaign. The article is entitled “It’s the Immigration, Stupid!


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  • Edward Wagner

    And The Donald will sell out the immigration issue to the big money donors (no, he does NOT self-finance) the moment he’s sealed the deal with the Republican rubes
    “FLEXIBILITY” is the key to the deal.

    • Disagree. He has blazed a trail on the immigration issue. Not only will he not drop it, but if elected President we will see Trump kick the ball down the field on other issues near and dear to conservatives. Imagine what he could do for the abortion issue. No more sappy talk and no more nipping around at the edges.

    • I don’t really understand why opponents of Trump are so convinced that
      Trump is somehow less likely to do what he says he will
      than other politicians. He does accept small donations but he does not
      accept big money with strings on it. Ther reason Cruz, for instance,
      can’t be trusted is that he knows exactly what the voters want on
      illegal immigration and says things that come as close as he can to
      appeasing them while clearly keeping to door open to backtrack to
      make his big donors happy.