Herald hosts guest writer Mayer who takes on Trump suckerupper Howie Carr 

Credit the Boston Herald with having the gumption to rib Trumprumpshwab Howie Carr.

Not long after the bloviating billionaire announced his candidacy the once respectable talk show host has engaged in serial night-walking for Trump.

The level has now reached nauseating. No-shame Howie does his best to run interference for the iconic “anti-establishment” real estate developer. He excuses his many faults and takes joy at letting his guest usually the beyond-the-pale Adam’s apple known as Anne Coulter rip and violate Reagan’s 11th commandment. More cheap shots have been aimed at Ted Cruz’s citizenship status from WRKO than the New York Times.The Donald  has called for higher taxes, trade wars and support for the good things that Planned Parenthood does. Little was said about Trump’s inference that George W. Bush was a war criminal and that the Iraq War (which the New Yorker supported) was wrong.  But never mind.

Never mind the litany. Howie’s pulling a fast one.

It is difficult to say just how conservative Trump is, for his discussion of many issues is nonspecific and inconsistent. Even on the subject of immigration, which has probably done more than any other issue to propel the Trump bandwagon, his statements should have given immigration opponents ample cause for hesitation. Yes, he has promised to build the wall and deport all illegal immigrants — but he also said he wants to readmit most of the illegals.

Asked about the H-1B visa program, which allows companies to import foreign workers for jobs that might otherwise be filled by American workers, he has jumped back and forth between support and opposition with such breathtaking speed that John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign seems, by comparison, a model of consistency.

But even if one gives Trump the benefit of the doubt in filling in the blank spaces and resolving the ambiguities, the inescapable bottom line is that he has been a conservative for, at most, the last several years. For most of his adult life, Trump has been pro-choice on abortion, anti-gun, in favor of things like the Obama stimulus bill and the auto company bailouts, supportive of a government-run health care system — and has contributed to many of the liberal Democrats who favored such policies.

All of which, one might have thought, would have raised a huge caution flag for serious conservatives: Even if you think Trump is with you now, what guarantee do you have that he’ll still be with you three or four years from now?

Howie is buying a Trump bill of goods.  Other buyers should beware.

Source: Mayer: Talk radio all-in with bet on Trump | Boston Herald

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