Cowett Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Will focus on promoting better government, a better economy, and a better education system

Kingston resident Michael Cowett announced today that he is launching his candidacy to become the next state representative for the 12th Plymouth District.

“Living on the South Shore, we’re fortunate to be in one of the most beautiful and historic parts of America, but our region and our state face significant challenges,” he said. “I’m very excited by the opportunity to talk with the voters and share my vision for a better South Shore and a better Commonwealth.”

Cowett, who is 24, is making his first run for the Legislature after several years as an activist helping conservative candidates and causes throughout Massachusetts. He recently worked on the state Senate campaign of Whitman Rep. Geoff Diehl, who earned more than 65% of the vote in Halifax and Plympton.

“Throughout this race, I plan to offer a positive message about the importance of increased government transparency, more jobs, and an improved education system, as well as concrete plans for how we can achieve these goals,” Cowett added. “Massachusetts is getting back on track in many ways thanks to the leadership offered by the Baker Administration, but the governor will need more allies in the Legislature in order to continue to be successful, and I look forward to being part of that group.”

A kickoff event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29th at the Cancun Restaurant off Exit 9. Anyone interested in attending can visit or contact the campaign at for further details.

The primary election will take place on Thursday, September 8th, with the general election following on Tuesday, November 8th. The 12th Plymouth District includes all of Kingston, Halifax, and Plympton; precincts 1, 11, and 13 in Plymouth; precinct 1 in Duxbury; and precinct 1 in Middleborough. Voters unsure of their precinct can visit to find out.

About Michael Cowett

Michael Cowett is a GOP candidate for state representative in Massachusetts’ 12th Plymouth District (Kingston, Halifax, Plympton; Plymouth pcts. 1, 11, 13; Duxbury pct. 1; Middleborough pct. 1).

  • right wing

    peter boncek is also running for this seat as a republican.
    he has run for selectman in Kingston a number of times
    and been close but has lost every time.

    as everyone knows primary’s are alphabetical so he will be before
    cowett on the ballot.still will be a good primary to watch.

  • Jim Gettens

    We expect Democrats to feed from the taxpayer-funded “Public Tit” starting when they are young. On the other hand, we expect Republican candidates for public office to have gained experience in the real-world “dreaded private sector”–earning money the hard way and paying taxes–to learn what it’s like to confront Democrat-imposed business-strangling taxes and regulations so, one hopes, they can craft free-enterprise-favoring solutions if they are elected. At age 24, Cowett lacks this experience and perspective.

    • Michael is one of the hardest working and smartest people in our party at age 24. He served honorably on the state committee and devoted himself to transparency and fiscal prudence while he worked at MassFiscal Alliance. I’d put my stock in him a thousand times over and am willing to bet he will exceed your meager showing when you ran in 2010 (wave year) in November.

      • Jim Gettens

        I got 40% as a first-time-ever candidate, EJ, against a 16-year Dem incumbent with a ton of union money(who went on to defeat Brad Wyatt in 2012), on a slim budget, while caring for a dying Mom, maintaining a marriage, holding a private sector job, and serving in the Army Reserve. There weren’t too many MassGOP victories in that so-called ‘wave year,’ as you describe it, with your idols Baker-Tisei and a host of others going down to defeat, as I’m sure you recall.

        So, hero, let’s see you throw your hat in the ring and do better. I doubt you have the guts.

        Your comments about Mr. Cowett are nice but, as usual, misdirected. They don’t address my concerns as a private sector taxpayer.

        • Google, Jim. Google. It’ll show that everything you just “assumed” about me was entirely incorrect.

          • Jim Gettens

            GEE, EJ, did a Google search and found your MassGOP-Establishment-Lemming hit piece against Marty Lamb, one of the tireless fighters who saved Massachusetts taxpayers $Billions into the indefinite future by spearheading the successful Gas Tax Rollback ballot initiative in 2014.

            Here it is

            Is that what you were referring to, EJ? If so, it only confirms my assumptions/opinions about you.

            By that single ballot initiative campaign, Marty Lamb and his colleagues did Massachusetts taxpayers more good than you’ll ever accomplish in your lifetime.

            Let me guess: Your employer, Purple Solutions-New England, was hired by the Massachusetts Asphalt Producers-Concrete Producers-Road Contractors-AAA Southern New England lobby–if not by the Mass. Dem Party itself–to run pro-Gas Tax ads, right?

    • I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Jim, though I appreciate your concerns. However, I’ve never held a government job. Indeed, I’ve spent most of my career working for organizations such as MassFiscal and candidates such as Geoff Diehl and Ryan Fattman, all well-known for their dedication to, as you put it, “craft[ing] free-enterprise-favoring solutions,” as I plan to continue doing if elected. Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly if you’re curious about more specific aspects of my views.

    • Dito I agree 100%

  • Jim Gettens

    Mike, I appreciate greatly your Republican/fiscal bona fides and efforts. Suggest you get at least 10 years under your belt as a “dreaded private sector” earner/taxpayer, to learn what shop and business owners must contend with in the way of Massachusetts-imposed overhead and obstacles, before running for State Rep. That way you can tell it the way it is in various committee settings, etc.

  • right wing

    boncek is now the republican nominee for the 12th Plymouth state rep seat.

    as everyone knows these positions are part-time and peter will still be working at his full time
    good luck pete your hard work is about to pay off.

    p.s.cowett should continue on his efforts by running in the upcoming selectman’s election.