Conspire much Charlie?

So the Boston Globe broke a story late last night about Governor Baker being in attendance at a secret meeting…

Baker made secret trip to conservative meeting

Governor Charlie Baker left Massachusetts earlier this month to attend a secretive conference off the Georgia coast, huddling with conservative intellectuals, technology moguls, and top Republican politicians, a trip that was not disclosed on his official schedule or by his aides at the time.

I guess that this is the same meeting that Ron Kaufman was at conspiring to steal the election from Trump?

WOW! I thought we elected him to fix the problems in Massachusetts and not to be hanging out with the GOPe that want to steal the election from “We the People”. It seems like a million years ago that we were talking about “The People’s Seat”. Nowadays I guess it is the GOPe Presidency.

READ MORE HERE -> Baker made secret trip to conservative meeting

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  • After the Mass GOP convention shenanigans is anyone really surprised?

  • right wing

    what is the infatuation with the boston globe ?

    when are conservatives going to figure out the globe is the enemy ?
    if the republican party needs a kick in the groin
    if a republican office holder farts in an elevator
    if a republican is swearing in public
    the boston globe will make sure that the offender is drawn & quartered.

    smarten up !

    • exactly… Since when do we look at the Glob?

  • If you read anything about the trip, Charlie’s trip was to an AEI summit in Georgia. The clip you posted is a clip from Charlie Palmer’s in Washington DC.

    Very disingenuous to post this flat out false accusation. I would think Steve and the rest of the admins would delete this seeing as this is deliberately false information included in this post.

    • rockinrandall

      From the Globe and Baker is not denying any of it:

      “The Georgian weekend with top conservative powerbrokers came as establishment Republicans have been casting about for an answer to GOP presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump. Baker has said he would not vote for Trump, but has himself stirred increasing buzz among party insiders already looking ahead to 2020.”

      So there were two meeting EJ? Does that matter?

      Also I said “I guess that this is the same meeting”, I did not say “I know that this is the same meeting”

      Do you really believe that the two meetings were that different?


      • You’d have to be stupid or blind to think they’d be the same meeting since in both the clip and the article you link they note the locations are hundreds of miles apart.

        • rockinrandall

          The Baker apologist is strong in this one.

          He has not explained what he was doing there, so we can only assume his intentions were nefarious. If there was a good reason for the trip it never would have been done secretly in the first place.

          AND if you think the GOPe only had/will have one about stealing the election then we need to get you into a padded room, STAT.

    • If this were an innocent trip, why did Baker intentionally hide it from view? I can think of two reasons.

      1) It outs Baker as a conspirator in what amounts to a palace coup.
      2) He shared a panel with Charles Murray.

      It’s more likely to me that #2 is the primary reason. The dems are already trying to beat him up over it by claiming that Murray is a white supremacist and that Baker is under some obligation to disavow him publicly.