Climate Change Charlie opposes clean energy and jobs


On Wednesday the New Boston Post revealed the Baker Administration’s hatred of cheap clean energy in Massachusetts.

From the New Boston Post:

On Tuesday, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton suggested that passing the bill might help environmentalists convince the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that the proposed natural gas pipeline is not needed to meet Massachusetts’ energy needs.

“The more that we can move toward showing that diversified portfolio and showing that we are proactively addressing this issue, the more of an impact it could ultimately make on the final FERC decision,” he said.

Massachusetts already gives tax incentives to manufacturers, but wouldn’t the best tax incentive to open or keep your business in Massachusetts be cheap energy?

Is the Baker administration already counting the votes of the radical environmentalists towards his re-election and putting his re-election ahead of good manufacturing jobs in the Commonwealth?

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  • Jim Gettens

    Now that he’s Governor, the former Harvard-Pilgrim HealthCare CEO/Crony Capitalist has developed sudden amnesia when it comes to outrageous energy costs and other government-created overhead costs imposed on private enterprise in Massachusetts.

    Here in Sterling, within the past couple years, at two Town Meetings, the voters approved a new municipal “gas plant” in an effort to bring natural gas to Sterling’s industrial parks before our many fine industries are forced out of town/state by outrageous energy costs. Looks like Charles D. Baker, Jr., just like Devoid Patrick, prefers so-called “clean energy solutions” that are so cost-ineffective that they fail without taxpayer subsidies. Anyone remember the Evergreen Solar debacle…?

  • Jim Gettens

    Are Matthew Beaton, now the Commonwealth’s premier employer of ‘Republican’ patronage hacks(see Republican State Committee roster, for example), and fake ‘Republican’ Charles D. Baker, Jr., even aware of the protracted war going on in New Hampshire over the “Northern Pass” plan to bring Quebec hydro-power to southern New England???

    This fight has been going on for years, with key environmental organizations opposing “Northern Pass”–got that, Matthew???

  • Jim Gettens

    Yet more on the brilliance and brilliant timing of Charles D. Baker, Jr. and Matthew Beaton–SunEdison, world’s biggest ‘Green Energy’ corporation, collapses.