Chanel Prunier for National Committee Woman

On April 5th, the Republican State Committee will decide who will represent them to the RNC as National Committee Woman.  And in doing so, they will set the tone for the direction they hope to see the Party move in going forward.  Will the State Republican Party be about a comprehensive approach that works to support all candidates at all levels, or will be a Party once again be focused exclusively on re-electing one person?

It will not be a shock to know that the Party establishment wants complete control, and ‘control’ resides at the top of the ticket, not with the little guy that works everyday to make the party stronger. Their “all-for-one” philosophy has served them well over the years, but the end result for our party has been devastating. But in order to protect what is theirs, the establishment doesn’t want anyone independent-minded, and they certainly don’t want any anti-establishment voices ringing the bell regarding how they’re going to spend the Party’s finances this year and beyond.

But it is for those very reasons that RMG supports Chanel Prunier. Like so many of the rank and file grassroots republicans, Chanel believes the Republican State committee members SHOULD care about

  • Issues
  • Down ticket candidates (county, legislative, municipal)
  • Training for campaign managers, activists
  • Republican Town Committee development, growing local organizations
  • Growing the LOCAL Republican activity at all levels – building a farm team and grassroots
  • Growing the Party Enrollment/registration, currently at only 11%
  • Candidate recruitment everywhere, at all levels, to get GOP message out

The establishment has a competing philosophy: that it’s only about the top of the ticket – whether it be Scott Brown or Gabriel Gomez, Mitt Romney, or lately Charlie Baker. Bill Weld was a big proponent of this view several decades ago. It served him well, but it set our Party back a generation.

Chanel Prunier has a contrasting view: The Party should serve all Republicans. People like Ryan Fattman and Lew Evangelidis are equally important as Scott Brown or Charlie Baker. It is a reasonable approach, yet in the minds of the establishment, it is heresy.

Hopefully in making their decision the State Committee will come to understand two very pertinent points.


  1. That the ‘all-for-one’ approach has been tried repeatedly in the past, without success. People at the top of the ticket come and go – most recently Scott Brown and Mitt Romney – while time after time we at the grassroots levels are left to pick up the pieces and put the Party back together.
  2. That it is not a zero sum game. The two approaches are not mutually exclusive. We can grow the Party from the base up, while still re-electing republicans at the top of the ticket.

Chanel Prunier has worked hard for literally hundreds of candidates, from the top of the ticket to municipal races. In doing so, she has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Republicans at all levels.  She deserves the support of the state committee, and folks at Red MassGroup.

Please click here to endorse her campaign:

About Steve Aylward

Steve Aylward is one of the principal owners of Red Mass Group. He is the Republican State Committeeman for Second Suffolk & Middlesex, comprised of Belmont, Watertown, Brighton and Back Bay. In 2014 he was Co-Chairman of the Question 1 – the Ballot Initiative which successfully repealed automatic gas tax hikes.

  • right wing

    I have been reluctant to take sides since I am not on the republican
    state committee.

    the fact that baker was even elected governor is still a miracle.
    as such a republican governor should have the team he wants.
    I don’t agree with every decision the governor makes it is his decision.

    I can accept it
    help elect a democrat as governor in the next cycle.

    • Steve Aylward

      The very point of the discussion is that we have gone down that road repeatedly – letting the highest ranking official make all the calls. And the end result – not opinion but fact – is the total devastation of all of the gains we had made to date. Instead of repeating the same error time after time, I’d suggest we try a different tact.

      • Steve, I hear what you’re saying. I agree with it.

        But it’s clear that while you don’t want the highest ranking official to make the calls, there isn’t enough power to do anything about it. At least in the ways that have been attempted thus far.

        The best bet is to become more political in dealings with the people who are deemed “establishment” and try to build a consensus.

        Otherwise, since you are drawing in elected public officials, they are going to be branded in one fashion or another and may not get the full support that they would have gotten from the activists. They suffer, and they shouldn’t. They are the ones who have stepped out, raised money, and gotten elected. In my opinion, that feat trumps the state committee. hands down.

  • Patricia Doherty

    Without Chanel, Charlie would not be gov. We conservatives were brought to the Charlie table VERY VERY reluctantly. We walk away, the dems win. Want evidence? Scott won with Chanel, Kim Incampo, Kris Mineau on board. Scott lost when they walked away from him.
    No conservatives on board in Charlie’s first run, Charlie lost.

  • Edward Wagner

    The State Committee and the state Chair are not part of Charlie’s “team.” If anything it is the reverse because, we, the Republican constituency are not his subjects. Charlie has ample opportunity to appoint and hire people to execute his policy. This does not give him constitutional or political justification to create his own personal machine out of the party apparatus. And, anyway, it always fails in the end (even the Dems in MA don’t do it very well). I will say this again: If Charlie goes the way of Weld and Cellucci etc. he will go ALL the way of Weld and Cellucci: Not one of the last FIVE Republican governors has served two elected terms.

  • toms184

    Not re-electing Chanel will be a step backward in the growth of the Republican Party. After finally getting the party to spend on down ticket candidates, Baker wants to reverse the trend a surround himself with yes men and women. I can tell you from personal experience as a former chairman of the Taunton Republican City Committee that Chanel was there for many local candidates, whereas her opponent barely lifted a finger.


    please vvote for Chanel

  • GopGangstahParty

    Baker is trying to effect leadership beyond his current term… not cool.