Baker needs to apologize!

It is clear that Team Baker spent at least $1 million to try to defeat fellow Republicans. He did not end up purging the Party!

I don’t know how any loyal Republican could support what he did. That money should have been used to win the 3 special elections. Last night we lost Leah Cole’s seat. She did not get 5 mailings!

Are we a party or a club? Are we interested in defeating Democrats or going along to get along?

Team Baker spent more money to defeat Republicans than Democrats.  He owes every activist an apology.

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  • Don’t play stupid Victoria.

    The governor wouldn’t have had to spend that money if the conservatives hadn’t tried to take over the State Committee.

    Did the conservatives purge the committee of the establishment?

    The conservative side could have spent their money on special elections too you know.

    It goes both ways, and both sides are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.


    • Patty Locke

      I was not part of either “faction”. My entire campaign cost less than $500. Yet Baker sent out 3 large postcards, one letter, several emails and several robocalls in favor of my opponent, who has not been doing her job for at least a decade. I also worked really hard on both ob Baker’s campaigns. Baker certainly owes me an apology. The good thing is that people in my district know how hard I work for the GOP and I was elected in spite of Baker. He certainly should have given that money to the special election races.

      • Patty Congratulations. You will be an excellent addition to the State Committee.

    • Jim Gettens

      If you are so interested in accurate figures and full disclosure, perhaps you will be so kind as to exert your good offices and prevail upon your soulmate and fellow traveler Charles D. Baker, Jr. to disclose the full name and address of each donor to his Special Conservative-Purge Slush Fund, and the total sum donated/contributed by each such donor.

      Remember, that slush fund was revealed by Charles D. Baker, Jr.’s fellow trust-funders at The Boston Globe.

      • I have no idea what you’re babbling about.

        Perhaps if the conservative faction made a few phone calls and shook a few hands instead of biting them they would be able to make some headway.

        Both sides did the candidates a disservice, and if you don’t recognize this then you’re part of the problem.

        • Jim Gettens

          I meant that comment to be in response to EJDooley’s, but while I’m at it I’ll acknowledge that while you are adept at acerbic smoke-blowing, it’s quite clear that you are in no position to assess the efforts made by the Real Republican Base across the Commonwealth, street by street, voting place by voting place, this or any other time. It is what you describe as the “conservative faction” that put out out the grassroots effort to get what turned out to be your RINO Turncoat Team of Baker-Polito over the wire by 40,000 votes in 2014. Given their Scott Brown-like treacherous betrayals a mere two years later, the base won’t be out there for Baker-Polito in 2018. Let’s see you and your oh-so-enlightened, consciousness-raised, so-called “moderate” cronies make up the slack.

  • It is clear that he spent $1m? That’s not true, by any estimate it was a fraction of that. Or did you find a record of that $1m you’d like to share? Or did you just make it up? Please tell us.

  • Jim Gettens

    And Republican Dean Tran, running for an open Rep seat in Fitchburg, lost a squeaker yesterday. Had Baker-Polito and their sock puppets spent their time, efforts, and money supporting Republican candidates rather than attempting to purge Conservatives from the State Committee, we may have picked up a seat or two.

    I trust that Baker-Polito and their sock puppet confederation are quite pleased with themselves…

  • TermLimits

    He sure does, but I don’t expect one. When he didn’t denounce what the GOP did to Fisher and with the convention as a whole, it was very disappointing. It would have shown him to be the man I thought he was, and cost him nothing but goodwill. After this power play for control of the state committee, the money involved, and the LIE that it was to grow the grassroots when those were the very people he was purging, I see I was blind to who and what he really is/was. So disgusting when he really had potential to be something really great for this state and beyond!!!!

  • rockinrandall

    Baker thinks that the word Conservative is a dirty word and he has sure proved how much he hates Conservatives with his latest failed attack on them.

    He pretty much ensured that he will be a one term guvnah.

    What an utter and total disappointment. He had the opportunity to be a uniter and instead he chose to be a divider.

    Nice job Chuckles.

  • Jim Gettens

    New Boston Post, March 10, 2016–Charles D. Baker, Jr.’s ‘Big Tent’: