Transparency and accountability rejected by many State Committee members

On 11 November 2015 just prior to the 18 November meeting of the State Committee, I posted the proposed Bylaws amendments that the State Committee would be taking up. The amendments were being taken up because of the process by which the Executive Committee voted to award the Chairman a $90,000 salary.

The important issues include the following: the Executive Committee awarded the salary just one week after the Chairman had been elected; no notice was given to Executive Committee members that such a vote would be taken, and the State Committee had no knowledge that such a salary was being considered.

As I stated then and as I continue to state, the Executive Committee had full authority to take the action it did, except that it did not provide a proper notice as it should have but no one is arguing the Chairman should not have a salary. What is needed, however, is transparency and accountability to guarantee proper notice is given, and to give the full Committee an opportunity to review the terms and conditions of the award.

I, along with Steve Aylward, proposed three amendments to incorporate this transparency and accountability to the Republican Party. When the time came for a vote on these common-sense amendments to require proper notice requirements and an ability of the State Committee to review the terms and conditions of the salary agreement, 40 of the 57 State Committee members that were present rejected the amendments.

There was sufficient support for a roll call vote and the results can be found here.

About Bylaw Bill Gillmeister

Bill Gillmeister is a governance professional, school committee member, and Treasurer of End Common Core Massachsuetts.